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  1. i fixed this a while ago, i just forgot to say what i did. apparently dfi used cheap thermal grease on the chipset. it was thick and so hard that i had to scrape it off with a knife. i put some of my aftermarket thermal grease on there and it went from 56c down to 52c. thats the highest ive seen it since i put the new grease on there. im much happier with 52 than 56. thanks anyway though
  2. ok, sounds good. as far as i know the fans are going front to back. i have 2 in the fron cooling off the hard drives, 2 on the side of the case blowing out, one on the back of the case blowing out, one resting on the bottom of the case blowing in the direction of the chip set, and then the other ones are on the hardware.
  3. ok, i never had this problem before with any other game, but i just bought BF2 and my smartguardian started flipping out. i checked the temp and my chipset was at 56c. at that point i think i had been playing for like 2-3 hours maybe, so thats probably as high as it will go, but is that too high? or high enough to hurt anything? i havnt overclocked anything on my PC and i have 9 fans, so i really dont see how its overheating. maybe its just because its hot in my house, i dunno. anyone have any opinions?
  4. yeah i tried my moms psu. it was only like 300w but it did the same thing so it has to be the motherboard. and i kno what you mean about the thing your having, that happened to me too. seemed like for a while there if i unplugged it from the wall i had to keep plugging it in and uplugging it before it would work. it did it to me with 2 different power supplies so i dont think thats your problem. now...i still need to know what to do to send this thing back. seems like plenty of people have done this....what do i need to do?
  5. ok, i sent the cpu back and got a call yesturday that it was fine. now it has to be the motherboard. i switched power supplies and that didnt work either. so...does anyone know what i need to do to get it replaced?
  6. nope dont know anyone else thats as 1337 as me. lol...i do have a warranty on it though. its only 3 months old. i dont see how it can just go bad though? and i tried the 24 hours cmos clear and it didnt work. neither did the power buttons on the case thing. i guess i should start looking for the warranty papers then...
  7. im going to try the 24 hours cms clear, then ill try disconnecting the buttons on the case. i think its something to do with the processor like wevsspot said
  8. ummm.....id say it was working fine for about 3 months, not quite sure when i bought the parts, somewhere around there. and no, i havnt overclocked anything on it yet, i was going to over clock the video card but figured it was rather pointless, i was already getting 70FPS.
  9. nope, this is the first new computer i got for about 3 years
  10. ok, ill try that out and see what happens Edit: didnt work
  11. yes, it was working fine then i went to turn it on and nothing happened. and yes, i know you need to hold the power button. i held it in for out 15 seconds and nothing. as for the CPU, its worth a shot, i didnt even think about that. but i dunno how it would have came out edit: putting the processor back in didnt help :mad:
  12. i tried taking out all the hardware except the videocard and HD, that didnt work, all the cables are plugged in correctly, it will turn on, just wont boot. as for clearing the CMOS, ill go try that now, i dunno if it will boot far enough to actually clear it but its worth a shot Edit: clearing the CMOS didnt work
  13. when i hit the power button all the fans and everything turn on but nothing happens. to turn it off i have to pull the plug, the power button doesnt work. on the dignostic leds all 5 are lit up and they dont go away. there are no beeps
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