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  1. I assume 704 is almost as good as official. Since it's reccomended over the 406 here. Try the beta, and if it doesn't work for you, go back to 406.
  2. No questions are dumb, only the ones you dont' ask. Yes the 704beta is working like a charm.
  3. Ok I just updated to the 04/06 version. A few new things I noticed: You can type in the fsb(should bus speed really amd64) Cpu core temp adjust 7/6 & 5/4 memory dividers nice Yes I used the cmos jumper. I always update, cmos jumper, reboot, load defaults, reboot, then set settings. No lockups so far. Although the optimized defaults put my memory timing to fast, it's always been normal. Wonder if it'll stay stable. Thanks for all the help here at dfi street. Another reason why I chose DFI.
  4. I updated to 705 but the date at the bottom of the screen during bootup says 7/xx/2005. I thought 704 would be newer. I reset all the Overclock settings and a few times the bios has locked up on me. Had to pull the plug. Any reasons why the bios would freeze? I did use cmos reset btw.
  5. Even so, It sounds like it covers All NF4 Lanparty boards. Not the NF4 LanParty UT's. That what it sounded like to me. Maybe a note UT and even if I knew it covered UT boards, I still would have no idea which version to use. Now I know 704beta for dual cores.
  6. The 704beta at the top is what i should use? Sorry I'm confused since it doesnt say "UT Ultra-D" so I want to make sure its for my system.
  7. I'm confused on which bios to use from tmods cd. I dont see My NF4 LanPArty UT Ultrad-D on the list. Please help.
  8. A lot of the times my board failes to POST upon cold boots and just sits there with a blank screen. I have to shut it off and turn it back on again to get it to post. It still takes about 8 seconds to POST before I see anything on the screen. When warm booting/reset, it takes 10 seconds to show anything on the screen. It takes longer to boot up the bios than windows.... I have tried resetting CMOS, loading optimized defaults, fail safe defaults. Nothing has fixed this so far. Only thing I did was install a new opty 170. The accidently broke the other one by bending a pin Any ideas?
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