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  1. Thanks for the replies. Hmm.. I suppose it could be the PSU, but I'm hardly asking for much, just to be stable at 2.1 at stock voltage! I also think that core 1 would be having problems as well if it was the PSU, but it's totally stable up to 1.5V (at which point my computer won't boot!!). Yes, I've run with my memory at a 1/2 divider, and as I mentioned I'm pretty sure it isn't the memory because a simultaneous blend test running on core 1 is totally stable, and that should isolate the RAM as being fine. At any rate it's well within it's specifications. Right now it's at 180. Additionally, all the memory timings i'm using are stable according to the OCZ forums. I've found that running at drastically relaxed timings has no effect at all on the stability of core 0. I'm aware that there is a +% modifier to the voltage (in fact, i'm using 1.1V + 110% in order to get a 1.184 readout from CPU-Z). Let me reiterate that below this voltage I cannot boot, and above this voltage (1.1 + 113%) core 0 is not prime95 (FPU stress test) stable. I've tried using higher LDT voltages, but it has no effect. I've swapped out the RAM with another set of 2x generic PC3200 DDR400 and found no change in stability. The only parameter that seems to have a bearing on the stability (the difference between failing in <1min and stable for 5+ hours) is the CPU voltage. Starting at 200MHz HTT, the stability of the system is roughly linearly related to the CPU voltage. To be stable at 2.1, V=1.25. At 2.2, V =1.21, At 2.35, V=1.8. Lastly, I have read the overclocking guides, fairly carefully. That's why I'm so surprised!! My computer is behaving almost exactly contrary to the dogma: "If the CPU is unstable (and the RAM is okay), increment the voltage upwards" thanks again.
  2. At 1.4 I can't run above 2.0 Ghz... As to it not running at 1.184, see attached... If I raise the voltage from this, even by the smallest increment I can, it is not stable at exactly the same speed. Note that Core 1 is totally solid at whatever voltage I give it.
  3. Hi guys, first post! Ok, so I just got this new rig because I heard that 165's are great overclockers and I was pretty keen to learn how to play around with all the acronyms like FSB and HTT So i'm slowly increasing the FSB and not running into any problems.. at about 2.1Ghz Prime95 starts to report errors on a CPU stress test, so I increase the core voltage on the CPU by ~5% to about 1.25V. Still not stable, so I increase it to 1.3V but not luck. Anyway, I get up to about 1.5V and core 0 is still giving errors (core 1 is a champion, I've never managed to get it unstable). Anyway, to cut a long story short, I finally got the CPU stable at 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4 by DECREASING the core voltage to 1.184. Any less than this and I can't boot, and more than this and core 0 is unstable unless I decrease the FSB. I don't think it's the RAM because core 1 is 12 hours Prime95 blend test stable. It's not heat because the CPU has never broken 43 degrees according to nTune. What am I doing wrong? Why is my CPU so.. umm... "special" .... ?
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