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  1. I don't have a RPM reading for PWM IC whatever that is. Should i have one? Its currently at 39 oC but not too sure even what it is.
  2. I really don't want to use SLI bridge as i mentioned earlier there is much stuff on my motherboard and it would proberly bump into some usb connections on the board and would mean a lot of messing around which i dont want. I would like to know what temperature the Chipset should be kept at at the minute it is 43oC.
  3. There is two ethernet connections on SLI-DR. One that is with Nvidia nForce networking connection and another Marvell Yukon 88E8001/8003/8010 connection. Which is the best to use? Also, because my gfx card is so big (7900GTX) I think it is slightly catching the fan - there is proberly little i can do but it is making a hell of a lot of noise. I make sure the chipset fan goes on full at around 50oC is around 43oC on idleish. Just wondering if there is much i can do without setting it to sli where it would create more problems over usb attachments etc. Ta P.S Thanks to all those who helped me out last time. I fixed my problem with non booting with a replacement hard drive and ram and now it works all a ok.
  4. would the: Western Digital WD2500KS Caviar SE 250GB 7200RPM SATA2/300 16MB Cache - OEM http://www.ebuyer.com/customer/products/in...oduct_uid=94403 Be compatible with my mtoherboard??
  5. I will try this tomorrow - personally i think its the drive so i have a RMA ready to go. As with the RAM i spoke to OCZ about it and went through the Memtest with each ram stick and the CAS seem to be of slightly different timings which could have contributed to it not woreking. And thanks for the help
  6. Hi, the only connection i dont have is the 4 pin drive connector and thats because i dont have any more connections from my PSU as its already in the drive itself. But surely that wouldn't affect my hard drive from working?
  7. Well i think ive done everything in the book - im gonna try and test it out on another PC to see what happens and hopefully its just the hard drive and not the entire board. Thanks for all the support
  8. Well i tried that cmos clearing with battery gone - with little success coming from it. When i enter it in sata 1-4 it doesn't even let me get past the first screen, however, when i put it in SATA 5-8 (usies the silicon image sil 3114 chip) still doesn't actually detect it or i dont know a way to install it. What i thought i had to do was press F4 on that screen and/or at windows installation install it by pressing F6 and it did nothing. :'(
  9. As you know from the other thread, it does work when i remove the Hard Drive connections but doesn't when i re-enter the Hard Drive... I am beginning to think its a faulty HD or some setting wrong. I think it did boot up with the four serial ATA ports supported by the silicon image sil 3114 chip but didnt recognise the drive.. any ideas?
  10. Hard drive problem more important at the minute though please
  11. Continueing from other thread but no i dont have anything to use instead for hard drive. It seems to be mainly the hard drive as it just doesn't like it at start it just stuck on that screeb
  12. Update: Either RAM does work however, it doesnt like both of them dual.. i aint changed anything in the BIOS if i need too and yes i put them in two oranges and have tried two yellows.. nothing. and theres still the issue of no HD
  13. Right i did make a long post about my PC.. here is the link to it should you require more detail about my problem: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=49121 To summarise my problem: I built a PC some of my specs are; DFI Lanparty SLI-DR, AMD Athlon X2 4800+, 2 x 1GB OCZ Dual Channel Platinum PC3200. My problem is that whenever i connect my SATA hard drive - it doesnt go past the "Lanparty NF4" screen. I also have a problem with one of my RAM but i will just ask for a replacement for them. (It single long beeps everytime i put them both in and one beeps with nothing happening with the other :S) I am wondering if you might know what i can do before sending it back, here is some stuff i have done already: * Tried playing around in BIOS and made sure its enabled * Placeing it in different SATA places on motherboard * Rewiring so that the HDD is a dedicated power supply cable * Tons more and yet nothing.. Here is indepth model etc of the HD im using: Seagate ST3250824AS 250GB 7200RPM SATA300 8MB Cache - OEM from www.ebuyer.com Please help! ta
  14. Nope i just get click click click I think its the motherboard its messed up
  15. When i remove one OCZ RAM (the one nearest CPU) - i get to the Lanparty screen and the LEDs now have only one on the far left. What does that mean?
  16. Looking at it there is 3 red leds and 1 orange at the bottom dont know what they mean
  17. and how do i remove the battery (if i need to remove the battery) and do i just leave the power on?
  18. Yeah it only brings up something thats that screen (and only that screen).. as for the 4 LEDs at the bottom i am not entirely sure so ill take a picture now. If i knew how to remove the battery i could try clearing the cmos
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