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  1. that doesnt relaly answer my question...It just says Please restore zip file to floppy disk and must run "autoexec.bat" in Dos mode. Im curious as to how to acces the DOS prompt thats it, it does not say how to there
  2. yes that is understood buthow can I open up DOS on the start up?>
  3. ok so just hold insert? what is that supposed to do boot it up? or bring up dos? also if this does allow it to post, will I have to do this everytime I reboot, or will this just allow me a window if time to reflash the BIOS?
  4. check my sig to see my rig. well to start things off I had the beta 8/30 BIOS for the X975, and then I flashed to the 9/13, i seemed to get higher OC's with the 8/30 so I flashed back to it using Winflash (which is what I always use), know this is where I think i messed up, when winflash asked me to reboot, I clicked yes, and then I shut it down my self and went to sleep. I didnt let it restart, so then the next morning I followed raja's guide and set all driver strengths to x3 and rebooted and it shut off as normal then it would not post when it started up again, so i cleared the CMOS ansd rebooted and I went into the BIOS to redo the settings and then it would not post again, this made me angry because I had it working before!! so I try just geting back into windows to flash back to 9/13 to see if that will work but my comp keeps on freezing or shutting off. now, i know that there is a way to flash with a floppy but how exactly do i get into DOS? like when it starts up? do i press on of the f buttons? or do i go into dos after I get into windows. I really dont want to get a new motherboard so can someone please help me I just basically need to know how to get into DOS at the start up, also if I have to be in windows can I be n safe mode? because for some reason I am able to be in safe mode without any freezes.
  5. so I cant OC any higher on this board??? So newer BIOS's wont make a difference? in the future that is
  6. ok well like i said above my PCIE is at 120, and my mem is at 400mhz so i should try upping the NB voltage?
  7. ok well Im stuck at 395 with my E6300, my mem. timing is 5-5-5-15 and 2.10V is that loose enough? or should I go for 4-4-4-12? I have Patriot DDR2 667mhz ram also what exactly is the Strap? i cant findit anywhere in the bios, is that basically the ratio's for the ram speed?
  8. ok well I tried the reg catalyst 6.5 and it works!! thank god I updated BIOS to latest and now im OCing, Im at 2.35ghz so far I also herd that there is a BIOS issue that you cant get past 375?
  9. sorry for double post but I seriously need some help, can some one please help me out?
  10. As I said above, I am having issues with this board, just got it today along with 2GB Patriot DDR2 667 ram and a E6300 I was able to install windows but when ever I try to install ATi drivers, when I restart, I get to the Windows XP loading screen with the blue bar going across then it just restarts every time, I dont get it, I tried reformatting again, But im just too tired its 4 AM for christ sake I also tried updating the BIOS but I had to uninstall the catalyst 6.8's I also tried the 6.7's and still no luck, please can some one help me out? Also take note that this only happens when I install gfx card drivers (only tried 6.7 and 6.8 so far)
  11. damn, well is there any mobo that can supports conroe and crossfire thats not DDR2?
  12. Will my current G-Skill DDR500's work? or do i need to pick up some DDR2 sticks. Im planning on goin conroe, E6400 punishin a FX-62, cant pass that up, know what Im sayn :cool: If I need to change my RAM should I go for the Corsair DDR2?
  13. Well I was going to get a dual core opteron but I saw reviews for them at newegg.com and one reviewer said: "Only drawback is the 9x multi but if you have a good mainboard it's not an issue. I do have to run a fierce ram divider thoguh but I still get 5700mbs of memory bandwidth. Reviewed By: Kool64, 6/4/2006 3:05:19 PM" so i was curious if my board can take the 9x multi or what the limit is cause i tried that with my 4000+ and i ran into some issues, is there a limit to how high you can go?
  14. well what does the long beeps mean? Ill try that though nvm that took care of it thanks alot!! but still what was with those beeps?
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