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  1. i want to learn to do the basics with these cards the last comment was helpful but not sure what to do with the rivatuner program can anyone help
  2. hi the rig in my sig is the rig in question i have recently got my hands on two nvidia cards out of a mate pc and am wondering what they run like and would like to try overclocking them there both 6600 LE these are not expensive cards i know but none the less want to try them out any ideas what to do with them ie bios flash overclocking tools thanks for viewing and any help is much appreciated
  3. sorry for the post dont reply i have fixed the problem it was i had a usb ide controller plugged in from last use of the pc and soon as it was removed the problem went away wish i thought of it sooner as i had the pc stripped down and everything before relising
  4. hi my system was running today then i shut it down and later on went to start it the system gets to the screen where it shows system details then hangs i refered to the diagnostic leds to find the last one was still lit and stays on it appears to be a vga led any ideas on how to fix thank its the system in my sig
  5. ye the domain controller is just for small 5 client setup
  6. what water speed does the 1/2 one usual have cause my pump only operates at 40L an hour
  7. i have been looking at the opteron 165 as it happens seems great value for money because there seems to be some great overclocks on them thats only £90 still leaves £210 thanks for the ideas keep them coming please need to find the best way to spend the 300 to get best punch
  8. your rig looks good why are you changing the psu are you having problems with it?
  9. about £300 main use is games and video encoding and as a domain controller
  10. if you look at my sig you will see what i have now looking at upgrade it though as want to go dual core and have done what i can with the hardware i have thank for any ideas aired
  11. i very rarly see 06 scores so thought i would ask whats the genral scores in it i have a score of on sig rig 4412
  12. this is getting kick butt scores on 3d mark 06 though so im happy with it for games
  13. no and no no two rails just one good rail not 24 just 20 with adapter that would make sense that it is the power supply thats the problem cause i get lines across the screen at start up
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