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  1. Good to see the GGG still pumping. I've sold on my 3G Opty/DFI and finally moved to the dark side. Q6600 on a GA-965P-DS3 and a 2Gb set of Ballistix. First set of RAM lasted two days till one stick decided to die. The replacement set also lasted 2 days. :( Now I'm in the process of RMA'ing the Mobo, which I'm sure is the culprit, and having to direct RMA the Ballistix 8500's to Crucial. I miss my DFI Expert. lol. The Q6600 does seem good for 3.4-3.5 though... which will be great... if I ever get to use it.
  2. I thought the 3-3-2-6 capables were Infineon CE-6 based? (i.e. the redlines) Man I wish my UCCC could do that - 3-4-4-8 @285 is it's max though.
  3. Nice work Thraxz. Now you've got me thinking perhaps one of those tasty Dell 24"s may be a much better match for this 8800 than the Core2 upgrade I was considering. Yes... I love it when people tell me what I want to hear.
  4. Loosing 1Tb of data with a single possible hdd failure scares the crap out of me. A nice little stack of 320-500Gb drives is something I'm a lot more comfortable with. Mobo's tend to have a lot of SATA ports these days anyway. If you've got multiple Tb's of data to store in a single PC, then I guess they are a good option, but as a single drive... not the best idea IMO.
  5. G5 is an excellent choice. Had mine for a year or two now, and still no complaints.
  6. The 158.xx's for Vista are very stable now, and game performance is fine. Stalker runs especially well at max settings. Still have issues with F.E.A.R though, slowing to a crawl after 20 mins of flawless play.
  7. Hey guys. The single 80mm fan in my Silverstone Zeus 750w PSU is starting to get on my nerves, noise wise. I'm sure a few of you here are having the same issue. The thing is generally fine, until it gets a bit of load on it, and the fan spins up to full force. Has anyone here replaced the fan with a higher quality or at least quieter option? And, has anyone got any recommendations as to a good replacement 80mm that borders on silent at full rpm, yet will still provide sufficient air-flow to keep the beastie cool? Cheers People. Z-thrust.
  8. ATI/AMD wont release GPU's that they don't even have a CPU to run properly. It would be suicide. r600 will trigger the next wave of 'high end' upgrades, and what do ya think those people will upgrade too to compliment their 'leet new graphics card'? It wont be an AMD chip, thats for sure.
  9. I'm running the 165.01 under Vista 32bit, and they seem pretty good. A few nice bug fixes, and game performance seems to have improved a bit. S.T.A.L.K.E.R is a little less stuttery when loading scenes, not that it was bad before. And I must say I love the new control panel, best of the classic panel bought back .
  10. Basically, It's an inch and a quarter longer than a DFI Lanparty Mobo... i.e. it sticks out that far from the back of the board.
  11. Yeah, a while ago I was trying to figure out what there was some type of 'void' in the core speed clock range, and why the card was stable as hell at 660, but at 662 it froze up. I stumbled across the thread in the link below, which opened my eyes a bit. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...ghlight=648+675
  12. Cheers boys. Yeah, there seem to be a few bugs relating to sleep mode under Vista. I put up a post on the nVidia forums, and I'll let XFX know about it. I still have XP installed. Vista's there as a bit of a trial for me at this stage, but I must say I quite like it.
  13. Hi guys. Well, it seems I have issues. I just installed Vista yesterday, and used the latest official Drivers. Now, the first odd thing I noticed, is that the Vista hardware rating only gave me 1.0 for Graphics, which I though was odd, so I ran 3dMark06 to check performance... nothing wrong there, 10,000ish marks. Now last night I was rudely awoken buy a VERY loud, high pitched continuous beep. After dragging my self out of bed, I saw (heard) that it was coming from the speaker on my XFX 8800GTX. The screen was blank, and the system was non-responsive. So, I restarted my system. Wouldn't you know it... a couple of hours later I was again woken by the same high pitched scream. After a bit of googling and thinking, I thought maybe it was happening when Vista went into sleep-mode. So, I selected sleep-mode from the start menu, and yes, a few seconds after the system goes to sleep, the 8800 starts SCREAMING and the system locks up.:eek2: So... driver issue? lol. I've had the card running in XP for a couple of months now, and have been issue free; except for the a short beep from the card when the system powers down, which I believe is common. Any input would be much appreciated. Cheers Guys.
  14. 660 aye, that should mean the core is actually at 648. once you go over about 663, the core will jump to 675. The way these things OC is weird. Check out the real-time clock monitor in rivatuner, it'll show you the actual clocks that are being set. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...ghlight=648+675
  15. Ive got a Silverstone Zeus 750W, and I'm guessing it's the same 80mm fan. And yes, when things start to heat up, and the fan starts to crank up, it's way too loud. Makes me miss my old Enermax Liberty at times. But yes, aside from the noise, this unit seems bulletproof. Silverstone units are top shelf, its just a shame the about the noise. I'm thinking about seeing if I can find a replacement fan.
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