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  1. Just wanted to let everyone know that the issue that I experienced was because of the OCZ Powerstream 600W I was using, which I have now replaced with the FSP Group FX700W PSU . It is fantastic, cheaper, lighter, smaller and the cables are much easier to install. Anyone buying an Expert I would highly recommend buying that PSU as the OCZ had countless power issues as mentioned on this forum. I also found a pretty extensive history online of issues with the OCZ Powerstream 600W and the DFI Expert. Again, thanks for everyone's help and input.
  2. Hehe no problem, you've been a huge help so far just narrowing down the problems. Like I mentioned above, I'm going to wait for the new PSU and see what happens.
  3. Oh, I think I phrased that wrong. I used the clean Windows XP Pro SP2 CD. I used the Microsoft CD and did not integrate anything into it, sorry for the confusion.
  4. Thanks for the advice RGone. I've determined it is most likely the OCZ power supply, there are many known issues with it and I'm going to be switching to the FSP FX700 700W PSU. It comes highly recommended and is what I was going to buy in the first place. I will try that and if that doesn't work I guess then I'll RMA the board. Thanks again everyone.
  5. I have re-installed Windows XP SP2 and I still have the problem. I can tell you that it is not a normal restart. When I normally restart comp it goes through the normal motions. The difference is when I hit shutdown, it goes through the normal motions, is about to shutdown, then a click is heard and it restarts again. That click is starting to make me think now this is a motherboard or PSU problem. I think my next step is to talk to DFI tech support. Thanks to everyone so far for all of your help. It is greatly appreciated.
  6. My computer has not even been on the internet yet. It was a clean install with a Win XP SP2 integrated CD.
  7. It's barely a few seconds, and it doesn't even really turn off. Like I said, Windows shuts down, then video card turns off, you can hear it powering down, and just as it does a click is heard and it's right back on. I know it doesn't lose power though, because the LCD on the front of my case does not turn off.
  8. Yup, did everything on that list and no difference. Thanks Reel for the concise list. I think today I'm going to re-install XP and see if that helps. Quick question, is anybody aware of issues with SATA drives and this restart problem? The only thing I can think of is maybe I have the wrong part of the SATA data cable in my SATA drive. I just assumed SATAs were the same as IDE and I put the cable at the end in my SATA drive, it being the "Master" drive. Probably not an issue just thought I'd mention it.
  9. Tried the power/reset switch thing and it had no effect unfortunately. The machine completely shuts off, it leaves windows and turns off the video card, then a click is heard and it restarts immedietaly. Fariss thanks for that link, unfortunately I've tired everything on that list. I will be pulling my hair out shortly. Also, I have turned off DEP with no change.
  10. After trying the shortcut to shutdown.exe it still happens unfortunately, but thanks for the good tip. I've been to that website, pretty much tried them all and nothing. In a few days I've got to decide if I'm going to RMA the board. I can tell you right now I'd like to just go get an Asus rather than put up with all of these inconsistencies and annoying little problems. I don't care if this is a "overclocker" or "expert" board, that doesn't excuse bazaar problems I keep reading about. Sorry, but there's no argument against things like that. I'm getting ahead of myself though, maybe I'll find a resolution to this really frustrating problem. Thanks for the ideas everyone. Keep em coming if you have more.
  11. The first thing I did was stop the autorestart on failure, didn't make a difference unfortunately. I found my boot.ini file in my msconfig window, but do not see /noexecute=AlwaysOn. I did find a string that said /noexecute=optin /fastdetect When I searched for boot.ini on my comp I didn't find it either...
  12. Nope, still not working. This is the strangest problem. There is a very audible click after I shutdown that causes it to restart. As if there's a gnome in there manually turning on my computer. The only thing I can think of now is I didn't install the RAID drivers on my comp because I don't have a RAID setup, so there is a "?" next to Raid Controller in my device hardware listing. Can't imagine that would cause this problem. I'm getting desperate now...
  13. Well I have an odd problem where if I shutdown my PC from Windows XP it will shutdown then I hear a click and it restarts. The only way I've been able to actually shut down is just hit my power button, which within a few seconds shuts down the PC. Is there a way to either fix my problem (been searching for days with no success) or a way to more safely shutdown my PC, as I know all of the my settings are not being saved when I shut down my PC like that. This problem is very perplexing I would love some help. Thanks in advance.
  14. I'm convinced this is an XP problem now. No matter how I switch up the rails or remove certain hardware nothing changes, its acting like a software problem. As soon as I can get the internet on this new rig (long story) I'll see if some updates will do the trick.
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