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  1. nm im jsut stupid and i guess impacient i still have connection after changine the option ty for the help
  2. ok i jsut tryeed that when i do ti though i lose connection to all my binstant messaging stuff and the internet so rite now i jsut set it to link change and im gonna try thjat out and jsut experiment with those choices see what works write another message with my results
  3. there is no thing in there that says shut off wake on lan i ahve windows xp i herd it doesnt have the option in it im not sure though and im using the network that came with the board no added cards not sure if u though i had added cards or not
  4. no there is no wake on lan option in thebios only the keyboard and mouse
  5. D Man

    avi player

    sry didnt know mentioning that would be offensive or wat not but i edited it for u and changed the errors and the problem i ahve is typing to fast so my fingers cant aim quickly enough and I' will try those players/codecs u all suggested
  6. D Man

    avi player

    does anyone have some thing that can play avi files ive tried hys player and i tried downloading ati multimedia center. hysplayer didnt work ati multimedia center wouldnt download for some reason i have no clue why
  7. bout time u did the video to bad i already installed it liek 2 weeks or so ago and this was useless to me and wats rubbign alchahol on the heatsink spose to do because i didnt do that step but it works fine as far as i can tell not sure my paste burned in yet havent seen a tempature drop yet
  8. how do u deactivate wake on lan because iw as told this mite solve my restart problem i loked aorund for it a bit and didnt find anything in the network onnections properties or settingsand ever searched for it on microsoft help sadly it didnt help lol thx in advance
  9. my friend was asking if he could sue the smartguardian program im wondering fi eh can will it work on other motherboards or only the motherboard it came with
  10. omg that thing is a pain in the butt to put in i got mine in after about 15 minutes of trying different ways to put it on but so far its keeping chipset cooler then stock fan did
  11. ok that worked and the computer is runnign with new chipset fan thanks for ur help
  12. thanku i thought that was how it had to be done but i didnt want to go throught eh trouble fo takign the board out fo my case and al until iw as sure their was no otherr way but if thats the way angry games does it then im gonna trus that that is the best way
  13. i dont knwo if ur new or not but when i was i was confused why it wouldnt boot up then i found thta i didnt plug my psu tot eh 8 plug connector for the cpu's power maybe it got unpluged some how or u just never pluggeed it in i doubt this si the problem ebcause its soem thing that onle real newbies would do like me during my first build
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