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  1. have you ever tried the COLORVISION SpyderTV? http://www.buydig.com/shop/product.aspx?sku=CVSTV100 is it worth buying?
  2. thanx man...im loving hd even if its just one channel in 1080i...football looks amazing...hoping to get it looking even better...might even pony up a few more benjamins to get a ps3 just for the blu-ray
  3. yep i got one on sale in my FS thread here http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=76563 i will post pics up tomorrow night, finally got my camera back!! great choice for a socket A cooler...thats one of my last components from my socket A days...mainly due to the fact that i used it on my opty 165...ahhh memories...pm me if you are interested...
  4. i got a Toshiba 47HL167 - 47" REGZA 1080p LCD HDTV. how does the whole calibrate by CD work?? do i need an upconverting dvd player?? the only HD content i get is from CBS in 1080i, cause i live in a small college town...i will check out the link...thanx for the info
  5. i just bought a new 47' lcd...now whats the best way to calibrate it?
  6. tried it and still cant get it to work...except now the screen just flickers...the game wont even load:sad: hooked it back to my 19 inch crt and same result:confused: gosh dang it i was really looking forward to do some sniping using my new TV...
  7. winxp pro sp2...sorry didnt mean to hijack your thread n3ro:angel:
  8. i kinda have the same problem...except i am using a 7900 gt hooked up to my brand new 47 inch hdtv with a dvi to hdmi cable, the only res i can select when playing bf2 is 800x600 and 1024x800 and thats just sad...it tried setting my pc at 1280x720 (720P) and 1920x1080 (1080P) but still a no go...maybe its just bf2 cause i can play AoE3 and HL2 just fine at 720P...anybody have a clue as to how i can get bf2 to display 720P???
  9. holy crap i cant even do that with my dual:eek2:
  10. i rather save the $40 or save my time and effort and just keep it like it is...if it aint broke why mess with it???
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