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    Best HDTVs for the Buck

    have you ever tried the COLORVISION SpyderTV? http://www.buydig.com/shop/product.aspx?sku=CVSTV100 is it worth buying?
  2. grasskicker509

    Best HDTVs for the Buck

    thanx man...im loving hd even if its just one channel in 1080i...football looks amazing...hoping to get it looking even better...might even pony up a few more benjamins to get a ps3 just for the blu-ray
  3. grasskicker509

    cleaning out closet...old and not so old parts

    bump anybody wants a gameboy, gamecube???
  4. grasskicker509

    Thermalright SI-97 Heatsink

    yep i got one on sale in my FS thread here http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=76563 i will post pics up tomorrow night, finally got my camera back!! great choice for a socket A cooler...thats one of my last components from my socket A days...mainly due to the fact that i used it on my opty 165...ahhh memories...pm me if you are interested...
  5. grasskicker509

    Best HDTVs for the Buck

    i got a Toshiba 47HL167 - 47" REGZA 1080p LCD HDTV. how does the whole calibrate by CD work?? do i need an upconverting dvd player?? the only HD content i get is from CBS in 1080i, cause i live in a small college town...i will check out the link...thanx for the info
  6. grasskicker509

    Best HDTVs for the Buck

    i just bought a new 47' lcd...now whats the best way to calibrate it?
  7. grasskicker509

    42" Sharp Aqous on 6800GT-

    thanx...will try it out...
  8. grasskicker509

    2900pro doesn't power on

    ouch!!! poor 2900 pro
  9. grasskicker509

    42" Sharp Aqous on 6800GT-

    tried it and still cant get it to work...except now the screen just flickers...the game wont even load:sad: hooked it back to my 19 inch crt and same result:confused: gosh dang it i was really looking forward to do some sniping using my new TV...
  10. grasskicker509

    42" Sharp Aqous on 6800GT-

    winxp pro sp2...sorry didnt mean to hijack your thread n3ro:angel:
  11. grasskicker509

    42" Sharp Aqous on 6800GT-

    i kinda have the same problem...except i am using a 7900 gt hooked up to my brand new 47 inch hdtv with a dvi to hdmi cable, the only res i can select when playing bf2 is 800x600 and 1024x800 and thats just sad...it tried setting my pc at 1280x720 (720P) and 1920x1080 (1080P) but still a no go...maybe its just bf2 cause i can play AoE3 and HL2 just fine at 720P...anybody have a clue as to how i can get bf2 to display 720P???
  12. that looks sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!
  13. grasskicker509

    q6600: a g0 adventure

    holy crap i cant even do that with my dual:eek2:
  14. looks sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!
  15. grasskicker509

    lapped ultra 120 extreme

    i rather save the $40 or save my time and effort and just keep it like it is...if it aint broke why mess with it???