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  1. Hey Powerjas, I've been having SATA troubles too - I found the SB driver from ATI website helped a bit but not totally - can you tell me what drivers you installed? Were they just ones from the driver disc that comes with the MB or ones that came with the SATA HDs? thanks for any help you can give me.
  2. Mack 27, i totally understand what you say about zone alarm and avg being resource hogs etc - but the really wierd thing is that if i disable all of them in Msconfig it still takes ages to load to a state where i can click on the start menu and open programs. To further compound the issue I've have since disconected my SATA drive (the non boot drive) and it was slow again. Both slow and quick boots are from the IDE drive. I'm really stumped and don't understand how this can make a difference.
  3. I think he ment that you location is "somewhere" - not that you posted in the wrong place - I too have been having problems OCing my RDX200 past 2300 but i think i need more time to try different things.
  4. I've described this problem and given the link because from reading the forums here - no one seems to suggest installing the new motherboard chipset ATI dirvers - or if they do I didn't think it was that obvious where to get them. Hope this helps someone. I was having a problem with windows loading time - i'd read all the usual tips to reduce number of boot programs etc but none worked. Windows itself would load quite quickly (as expected) but then there would be a long wait whilst the HD churned away and eventually the time, avg, zonealarm etc would pop up (at least over a minute later). All I did to fix it was to install the new southbridge driver available on the ATI site under drivers for "Motherboards with ATI Graphics" https://support.ati.com/ics/support/default...dge&folderID=27 I'd always ignored this in the past as i presumed that it was to do with onboard graphics. Anyway downloaded the SB driver (which includes various IDE ATA, SATA drivers) and bobs your uncle - system tray icons now pop almost instantaeously. Good Mantra: Don't ever presume anything with your computer (they're little buggers)
  5. I've got a pair 512 4000 redlines. I've also been finding that a little tinkering seems to make my system do funny things - will try Risto's settings and post back.
  6. I've got a 3800 x2 with arctic cooler 64 pro on it and it sits around 20 degrees C. I was quite suprised too - even under 2x prime 95 at full load it doesn't go up much at all. Its Ace..!!
  7. yep, I tried all the 8 different sata ports, different cables and different SATA settings in BIOS - it really has me perplexed - I should also add that it would have problems recognising the drive on cold starts but was usually better when "warmed up". In one of the bios updates I read that it fixed the cold start recognition problem for another drive - maybe this is the same problem?
  8. I got my RDX200 MB exactly a week ago as part of a new build I've had a lot of problems with the system and finally after 3 days off work and numerous very late nights its working well. Today I went out and bought a good old IDE drive and all my problems are fixed - that simple - Either the drive didnt like the MB or vice versa. I've read alot of posts about RAID SATA issues but very few issues with just one SATA drive. It was a Hitachi Deskstar 250GB (brand new) and it was soooo slow and the system was so unstable. My windows boot times (on a new install) were over 2mins (i timed it) and the whole sys was very sluggish. My new drive (IDE) (which should be slower if anything) boots in under half a min (as you'd expect) and the whole sys if fast. Games espiecally are much smoother (Fear....... :-) ..!!! I installed the latest SATA drivers, i played around with boot order and the SATA settings in the bios, i've flashed the bios to the most recent including beta and nothing helped. Any suggestions on how I can get the SATA drive to work in the future and has anyone else had this problem? A week of frustration and head banging atleast wasn't all in vain..!
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