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  1. Rivatuner RC16.1 supports mem overclocking! Now someone try to figure a volt mod for me
  2. I got X1950 Pro , clocks 650/700 Mem can't be raised at all for now, and Atitool doesn't have voltage options. Too bad, because it runs 100% load @ 37 degrees C.
  3. I will now put a Radeon 1950Pro ... then I'll see will that affect much. I usually set CPU to 2937 Mhz when I am not "finding max oc"
  4. HTT is set so low, because it seems to help OC 50c is 100% load temp ([email protected] @BG)
  5. 2992 Mhz Prime95 stable. http://img299.imageshack.us/img299/2808/29...mark2001dh5.jpg
  6. So I have two Buffalo Value 1GB sticks They have chips like this they have brainpower PCBs... Any good settings to try with these?
  7. How I could trust any software at all?? I don't have a suitable thermometer at my disposal now. Bios adj. is on AUTO. Sadly CoreTemp says 57 degrees C TCaseMax 59 degrees C CBI says Thermal Offset is 5 degrees C
  8. Bought new waterblocks. Water flow is much better now, and temps dropped 6 degrees on both CPU and GPU now 3015 Mhz and Vcore @ MBM5 1.62 , 100% load temp 49 degrees C. Check pics of assembly clicking the Watercooling link on my sig.
  9. sorry I forgot to mention, that I was trying 3 Ghz
  10. Prime95 7 hours and 31 minutes stable
  11. In bios, 1.45 x 113% (I am not sure) , but a little bit more than in bios than in monitor program reports. CPU-Z says 1.616V now after 6 hours of priming water temp is 25.4 and MBM5 says 49 Core Temp says 55-56
  12. OK, now I am priming 2937 Mhz @ MBM5 reporting vcore as 1.62V (ITE 1.61V) MBM5 reports CPU temp 48-49 degrees C ITE SmartGuardian reports 47-49 degrees C Core Temp Beta 0.93 reports 54-55 degrees C BIOS CPU temp offset is on AUTO. Watertemp is 25.0-25.1 degrees C. Watertemp is measured from the water container.
  13. So either my CPU block is crap or contact between core and IHS is bad.
  14. Heats seems to be the issue here. When I set Vcore over 1.6 volts, CPU temp raises to 50 degrees and more. Under 1.6 volts it stays under 47 easily. Now at 1.49V (MBM5) 100% load temp is 40 degrees @ 2937 Mhz.
  15. Sorry, I don't have any Prime95 screens run on those Semprons, I owned two, one 2800+ and one 3100+ That 3100+ is stable @ 2,4 Ghz @ default vcore.
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