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  1. i have no idea what it should be. just to give you an idea, mine came at 1.6v and i upped it to 1.65v but i still have no idea
  2. i have xpPRO how do you do automated system recovery? is it that black screen with all the commands when you boot from the CD? i'm not sure, and i'd like to try it next time. thanks for pointing that out
  3. yeah and is stable thanks for the suggestions i'll definately use the guide here next time (if there is a next time)
  4. did a repair install and all is now goo thanks alot
  5. by the way, how come i cant use my usb microsoft ergo 4000 keyboard during the boot-up? is it because it is USB? do i need a PS/2 keyboard?
  6. its OK, i dont need help, found help in overclocking forum. mods -- feel free to delete this thread
  7. thanks to the guys who are being helpful to me. im reinstalling windows now gonna see if that works. again, just to be sure, are all my components likely to be fine still? nothing that might have killed something?
  8. thanx ill try those timings
  9. since the FSB is back to the original 200MHz, couldn't i now leave the CPC and memtimings? just to be sure, if the rig boots to windows then the parts are probably all still fine?
  10. so what should i do with the CPC (what is it?) BTW thanks for all the help guys, you're better than any other board
  11. so what should i do to the timings? im reading the guide now but help is appreciated anyway. how can i run memtest if i cant get into windows?
  12. i reset CMOS -- no help i loaded previous bios -- no help i loaded fail safe -- nothing changed what about memory timings? what should i do with these/ where do i check them?
  13. i never ran memtest - it didn't work the one time i tried and i never tried again. even if my rig always worked, and only now it stops, should i still try activate CPC (what does it do?).
  14. memory timings? i left everything else the same except the FSB, so ikts probably auto..... what does this mean?
  15. i checked the CPU temp in bios when it rebooted and it said it was around 40something celsius.... not that hot. i was trying to avoid a reinstall but oh well. just thought that there could be a fast way to fix it. if anyone else has any suggestions, feel free....
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