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  1. I am extremely happy with the response. I was reading so much information about the subject that after a while it all started to sound as tho it was all contradicting itself. Thats when i realized that i was going to need a little help. very Quick Response TY I ordered the PSU imediately after reading this. if it lasts 4-6 weeks without blowin something up i will be very happy just til i can read more and research the subject. Its not that i wanted a cheap one i definitely want to play around with this Mobo later but right now i just needed a 6 week window til i get everything sorted out as what all i want to add to this computer. Anyway TY very much i have added a sig i will updated it to be more specific after i get the Mobo and that put together. AGAIN TY VERY MUCH Kidcamio
  2. I bought a new motherboard today and was smart enough to know that i was probably going to have to upgrade my power supply. So i started searching, i came to this website here and it all started out simple. 480W+ and 24 pin connector. Hmmm sounded simple enough so i kept reading after about 25 pages i started to skip a few here and there. I have been reading for nearly 4 hours now flipping back and forth between sites and so on and so forth. My new Mobo is due in 2 days time and if i cant figure what power supply to use im just gonna send it back. also i think that if DFI is going to have so much trouble finding compatible Power supplies for there product they should add that as a disclaimer before you buy it or at least have a certified list of ones that work. Anyway, i have read every review for this motherboard and it seems the best out there for what im willing to spend and would like to keep it if at all possible. Here are my specs. I do not care to OC at this time and if i want to later ill buy a new power supply than. right now i just want to make sure i can get it put together and running when it arrives DFI Lanparty SLI-dr amd 64 venice core 3200+ 2.0G Nvidia 6600gt PCI-E 1gig kingston hyper-x dual channel 1 - 40g maxtor hard drive 1 - Liteon DVD _ RW Please tell me what to use ive read and read and am more confused now than when i started i do not wish to pay much more than $100. Im sorry but im cheap and cannot believe that a board this highly reviewed could be so hard to accomadate or maybe im just reading to much into it as maybe most of this techno stuff is for overclocking i just want my computer to work i dont need any thing fancy just whats above. Like i said when i decide to add on ill get a new PSU right now i just want something cheap thatll work til my head stops spinning. P.S. im not bitter im just confused Thanks Kid Camio