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  1. Also thanx Ganders75 OC newbie and ollietwinam, they are good PSU's!
  2. Well Guys, good thing i didn't send the MB back. As it was perfectly fine. the OCZ PSU solved everything. And a word of warning stay away from Antec PSU, they are trash! The amound of stuff i found about them on the interweb only confirms my suspicions. And another note, gee these DFI baords are reliable! in my frustration when i was installing memory and CPU while the thing was powered on, i was even twisting the PCB becuase i thought it had a bad connection. Lucky ths things still works!
  3. Dam i'd say its your PSU and not the motherbaord my friend. I'm in the same baot at the moment also was running an Antec PSU, mobo seemed to of died, The antec PSU would power up other computers. But upon further investigation the antec (and apparently this is common with them) was putting out 4.80V on the 5V rail which is probably upsetting the DFI and failing to start. I just ordered the OCZ600 PSU, when it arrives i'll let you know if my DFI comes back to life.
  4. the Antec trupower 380 hehe just kidding, no i whent with the OCZ gamerxstream 600w, haven't heard anything bad about them yet (altho its easy to see they pay for some good marketing by happy)
  5. Well I'm not sending the MB off for RMA until my new PSU arrives. I tested the voltages on the antec PSU under load on aother system (powers up other computers fine, just not my DFI) Anyway the 5volt rail is 4.80V That would suggest to me that the PSU is the problem! and not the first time i've heard of this issue with antecs, now get this i measured the 5volt rail on my friends Antec it was 4.80V aswell surely this can't be good for antecs reputation! (i opened up my PSU, and found a bulging capacitor, checked out the brands of capacitors in this PSU and according to badcap website most of the caps in these PSU's are trash! TEAPO, Fuhjyyu caps.... shame on you antec) Will update when new PSU arrives and see if my PC comes back to life.
  6. yeah soilder joints looked good, no dry joints i checked thouroughly. still waiting to get an rma. just have to be sure it is indeed the mobo and not the PSU, as i noticed the psu is making a high pitch squel which i do not remember it having before. (also hope it didn't kill any other components)
  7. ok so i have more info. The board powers up with nothing plugged in (except power of course). It will power up with just a vid card inserted (x1900xt) and what i mean by power up is fans kick into action and all 4 red LEDS are lit) It will not power up with a stick of memory inserted in any slot, also will not power up with a CPU inserted. And once or twice it would fail to power up with nothing plugged in. The Amber led is always on which says the motherboard isn't completly dead. Should be RMA'd? i tried to file an RMA thru the dfi website a couple days ago still no reply tho.
  8. hmm ok i will give your suggestion a shot ganders. I still have the baord. Seems with a stick of memory installed (and nothing else) the baord powers up for a split second then shuts off.) with the CPU in on it's own the board just will not have any activity. (altho the standby light is on the whole time) The dram LED comes and goes. (goes off when memory is inserted or the CPU lever is locked down) also they LEDs change brightness. So cuould still be a PSU issue, just slim chances of 2 PSU's doing the same thing. my antec (and whole system) was running superb for past 6 months until today when iu turned it on and got no action at all. Cheers.
  9. yeah tried another antec 500 with no difference. i'm going to rma the dfi
  10. OK i think its the motherboard. I have some strange happenings going on here, The light near the ram slots. The Dram LED? Well when that is light up the motherbaord will power up, Now when i install a CPU that light goes off, but occasionally will stay on. Now i took the CPU out and try some ram, when ram is in the slot that dram LED goes out, as soon as i remove the memory that light comes back on, but i did manage to install the memory and the light stayed on, and the motherbaord powere up. But everytime i've been able to power the mobo up, when you turn it off it won't start again. It will only power up flawlessly when nothing is plugged in except the power cables themselves, as soon as a CPU or memory stick is in the board trouble begins. I tried both sticks of my memory aswell. How odd!!!
  11. did a regular cmos clear, i will try the one you linked. (i didn't figure a cmos clear would have anything to do with the motherbaord not even powering up?) anyhow my PSU is in the list. I will report back with the findings. Ok i followed the info in the CMOS clear link and no go. Ok i've also taken a friends powersupply which is the same as mine and it made no difference. I either have a fualty CPU or a fualty Motherbaord, unfortunatly i can't test my CPU or motherboard with his system as he is running intel.
  12. Whent to turn on my PC today and it was completly dead. First i suspected the PSU, but it had not problems powering up another motherbaord i have. I unplugged everything from the motherbaord leaving the CPU in, still would not come to life (even tho there was an LED lit up on the baord) So i removed the CPU and the motherbaord came to life so i thought the CPU was fualty. But i noticed the lever that you use to clamp the CPU into it's socket, when you move it, the LED's on the motherbaord change brightness, sometimes they go off, other times they stay on. I have found that when i clamp the CPU into it's socket and the LED is still on i can power the motherbaord up with teh CPU installed. So it really seems to me that the motherbaord has perhaps a dodgy connection somehow, or this could be the way they are i don't know. Anybody had a simular problem?
  13. Thanx Nehil, I sent both sticks back even tho only one stick was cuasing me problems. After two weeks of waiting the computer shop guy e-mailed me back to say he has thouroughly tested both sticks and found nothing wrong with them, and to deposit $35 for testing and return. He mentioned he tested them out on a DFI mainboard can't remember model and that he had to up the voltage to 2.7 to get it to boot ?!? makes no sense to me! he also said DFI MB's undervolt ram and report higher voltages then what they are getting, he also said 1GB modules don't like 2.5volts or some crap. I think he pulled most of that from his butt. But by the sounds of it he only did memtest and prime 95 for 36 hours. Even tho i tested the ram out and couldn't find anything. The fact that 1 stick was perfect, then swap in the other 1GB stick and bam BSOD everywhere. So much for a matched pair of ram sticks then. No matter what twiddeling i did i couldn't get that bodgy stick of ram stable so i say it's defective.
  14. I have a sneaking suspision if he gets a bigger PSU his score isn't going to change. More likely you have some performance stealing options enabled in your ATI drivers or other.
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