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  1. Hi, went from intel to amd setup after readin about good results from the opteron, so i got myself some new hardware, check signature. Im still a f00kin r00kie at amd clocking but looks like i found a pretty good 165 as far as i can see. havent pushed it to the limit yet, doing some more reserarch. Anyway here is my 3dmark05 score with a slightly OC'ed 7800GTX 3dMark05 score Allso a screen of some voltages, sandra scores and cpu-z shots. As you can see is the volt displayed as vCore 1.47 even thou iwe set it to 1.50 in bios, is that normal?? or do they show a bit wrong? But the ddr voltages is right on 3v as iwe set it in bios. Anyway its 99% stable never had a single crash and plays all my games perfectly. BUT! it wont complete dual prime95 torture test, core1 craps out after about 15 mins. Any idear how to get it prime stable other than increasing the vCore? Maybe some increase to chipset or any other setting i dont know about. Thanks for feedback! you guys rock!
  2. Cipher, iwe checked that, it comes "from the motherboard" itself, not from the headphones or anything
  3. Well, most likely its that, in _my_ case i was CRAZY no boot, i didnt think not connecting the P4 connector would make a diff, but it made ALL the difference. So now u know i have enermax 500w and it was a boot - no boot difference. good luck
  4. Hi, okay looks like a leaky cap or coil, anyway i bought it at a netshop here in norway, who shall i send it to? them? will they give me a new or do i have to wait for them to send it back to dfi again? omg dont want to be without computer!!!
  5. Hi, i have a pretty silent system, but one this is bothering me. when i scrool with my mouse, i have a razor copperhead mouse my computer most likely my motherboard a SLI-D board makes a very "low frequent buzzing" noise, it allso makes that sound when transferring big files on the haddrive. It allmost sounds like a leaky capasitator (<- or whats the name :-)) anyone else have that problem ? Any tip on how to get rid of it? Thnx for the help
  6. I had "initial" problems with my enermax liberty 500w but showed up to be a rookie error from my side as i did not connect the 4pin P4 12v connector as i could not find it, the board did not boot. Found out later that the 8-pin connector was "splittable" and i connected it and it worked 100% rock solid ever since, doing Opteron 165 @ 2,7Ghz on water and the PSU is the most silent iwe ever owned! QUALITY!
  7. Hi, got my Opty cooked up a bit hoping for higher but gonna settle with this untill iwe learned some more about amd clocking. [/img] Anyway my temps are fine, besides PWM IC in smartguardian what temp sensor is that and how do i cool it? Btw, the 3dmark score seems to me pretty low for a unclocked 7800GTX on that prosessor? and idear or is it supposed to be that "low" ? Any help appritiated.
  8. Hi, used to run a P-m dothan setup and just got myself a new rig. [/img] Opty 165 @ 2700 1.45v Club3d 7800GTX Corsairs XMS3200LL x2 512mb BH5 DFI Lanparty SLI-D Enermax Liberty 500W psu. Anyway im awfully new to amd clocking, but after quick readthru of the A64 OC guide i was good to go, my first "goal" was 2700mhz wich im at now, havent primed this clock fully but its game stable and 3dmark05 stable so far. Running a Zalman resenator1 upgraded with heatexcanger++ Temps stay below 40C so pretty good so far. Got a few questions for you experienced clockers. 1. iwe set cpu voltage in bios to 1.5v yet only shows 1.45 in smartguardian and cpu-z how come? 2. how much Volt can i feed my good old BH5 sticks without worrying about making fried-fish-sticks out of em. 3. how high cpu volt could or should i go with watercooling? 4. There is only 260 "3dmark05" points between my first run @ 1.8Ghz and this run @ 2,7Ghz with a not-clocked 7800GTX is that normal? 5. WTF is up with that windows hotfix and x2 fix?? there is like 2 camps some say you only need it for X2 chips, other say it works for opterons too. Other says it ed their system, some say it fixed their system. Wich one should i use for my Opteron?? the opteron one or the X2 one? OMG! this is confusing! Thanks for the help guys and GIRLS!
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