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  1. Cant run Memtest as PC wont boot with either of them in. Its the DK not the LT. Spoke with Tony @ OCZ and I'm sending him the RAM to check over and maybe flash the SPD if thats the issue. Might be a new BIOS also coming to help resolve. R4z
  2. Ok, still no luck. Tried setting all the primary's manually including that trfc setting, voltage up to 2.1v and FSB/Divider so it was 1000Mhz, F10 then it powers down to reboot so, I quickly turn off PSU switch b4 it reboots, switch out the RAM to 1 stick of the OCZ stuff and then switch back on and C1 straight away (well theres a sort of 8.8. first then C1) So I flashed to latest BIOS from TMods CD, 19/03/08 and still its a no-go, exactly the same situation. This is driving me nuts! Many thnx R4z
  3. just tried with primary settings and no luck. going to install vista then ill try again with that trfc setting. can flash bios too then if needed
  4. Looked at the OCZ forum but, doesn't appear to be any info apart from flashing the SPD file to run a higher TRFC setting. All thats on the website is the Primary settings so, I'll try putting them in too, as well as changing the Voltage and FSB/Strap settings. I would look in the OCDB but, I'musing the browser on the PS3 atm and its not the best tbh. Thx R4z
  5. Thanks Sound, thiis is exactly what I have done, it boots with a 1GB stick of DDR2-800 and then when I change the voltage to 2.1 and the FSB and Divider for the RAM to run at 1000Mhz, I F10 to save and exit, drop the power change the RAM to the OCZ and then back to C1 error, do I need to input all the timings too or canI leave it on Auto? I'm using the RAm in the Orange slot nearest the CPU? Thx R4z
  6. Got the board all set up with the following DK X38 Q6600 SLACR 2x2GB OCZ ReaperX 1000HPC 150GB Raptor X 2x500GB Samsung Spinpoint Creative XFI XtremeMusic eVGA 8800GTX Corsair HX620 The only new parts are the Mobo, RAM & CPU as all the others were working in my previous system. When I first boot I get C1 on the diagnostic so, I have tried to resolve it with the following: Try i stick in all the DRAM slots, clear CMOS overnight, remove all aux devices except for CPU, 1 stick of RAM and GFX card, tried EZ Clear and jumpers for cmosclear, also tried setting the RAM jumper to 800 to see if that helped but, so far nothing works at all. I have the 24 pin power in as well as the 8 pin and both 4 pin floppy connectos, tried running with none, 1 and both of the floppy connectors plugged in with no help. The only thing I can think that it is, is that that the RAM is 2.1V and the board is not supplying that at boot? Could that be it? Do I need to alter the RAM JUmpers from default for this ram as it is rated to 1000Mhz and the CPU is 1066? Built loads of AMD but, this is my first Intel and I'm struggling, all help will be gratefully recieved as I type this from my PS3!! Thx R4z
  7. Fortune is a great game, very Tomb Raider like but, be warned that it will not take that long to complete if you're into these sorts of games. For a casual gamer it is a fantastic game to get but, if you're into this genre then start the game on the hardest setting for maximum playability. R4z
  8. Yeah both 6-pin's are connected and its a Corsair HX620 so, there should be sufficient juice... It only squeals when the power is turned off and only every 3rd or 4th time??
  9. Done that Can just get to 2 of the 4 but, I have 3HDDS in total so I need another SATA port unfortunately....
  10. Didnt use driver cleaner but yeah removed drivers, powered down and installed new card then booted up to install new drivers. Failed to boot on 1st go tho so, very doubtful drivers have anything to do with it tbh. Seems to be fine atm but, have only got 1 HDD connected to the Nforce SATA slots that I can access(GFX card covers two of the four). Will plug the other 2 HDD back into the other SATA ports(numbers 5-7) tommorrow and see what happens - wouldn't even see them in BIOS last time? R4z
  11. I have this exact same problem, just gone from 2x7900GTO's to 1x8800GTX. One long beep and 1 LED and when you down power I get a high pitched squeal too? Thing is I CMOS cleared and it posted and booted into windows so, I installed new drivers then restarted and it failed to post....turned off left it for 2 mins then turned on and it posted? Any ideas? Sorry for the hijack btw R4z
  12. Shame that I would have loved it. Anyway, I completed the Easy setting after approx 4-5 hours and had a little go on the Medium setting, jeez thats a steep learning curve going from 3 fret buttons to 4. Played a little online but, doesn't seem that many people want to play on Easy Need more practice...
  13. Wow! its a tirade of flamage on their regarding the GH3 controllers. Looks like a patch could solve the problem if all parties are in agreement though. Heres hoping... R4z
  14. Any idea if the GH3 guitar (Les Paul) works with rock band, or is it just the Fender that ships with it thats compatible? If it does then that would be awesome to have a lead, bass, drummer and vocalist all at the same time! thx R4z
  15. Just got it today on UK release and it totally rocks. I have a few games that have just sat under the TV stand that I rarely play but, now I have a reason to turn the PS3 on! Never played any GH game b4 but, I am very happy with the purchase, looking forward to the DL content for sure. R4z
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