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  1. I have an NF4 LanParty with a borked BIOS The only other computer I have has an Intel 975X chipset. Although the BIOS sockets are the same, should I be able to hotflash the BIOS from the NF4 on the 975X?
  2. Hmm... depending on how much of a performance difference there is, it may be better for me to go with intel instead of AMD... for price reasons. Any thoughts?
  3. Just basically looking for cost-effective raw processing power that I can dole out as needed later. Running SuperPI 32M in about 5 minutes sort of thing. Of course, it will take some time to build up to that, but that's basically what I'm going for... As far as the PSU, this cluster will definitely be rackmounted (because it's just too damn cool looking). Please elaborate on these "differently abled" PSUs I'd definitely want to go with mahogany rack and acrylic trays as long as it won't damage the servers somehow. I like the idea of building my own chassis and this would look very nice IMO. Gameserver hosting sounds like a good idea (although I hear T1/3 connections to the internet are pretty expensive to set up). Also, I know there are a lot of distributed computing projects around for research purposes, though those are mainly volunteer work. Would still be cool to use this to help out EDIT: changed that to "cost-effective raw processing power" because it sounds better to me than "processing speed" >_> And you are going to strain a back muscle with all that shrugging.
  4. I'm bored, and would like to stimulate the economy, so I decided I would start building up a server cluster. Just brainstorming with what I found on Newegg, I came up with the part list below: 1 x Tyan BCM5785 (Tiger) 2 x Opteron 265 1 x Buffalo Certified ECC and Registered PC3200 DDR SDRAM (2 x 1GB) 1 x WD Raptor 36.7GB So each server would consist of that, which would cost approximately $1,300 a pop. Now you may be saying, "But Cheesey, where is your powersupply? Server clusters are not run on gerbil power!" And you would be right. I have no knowledge regarding power supply for these setups. In fact, I know hardly anything regarding building a server cluster. So, I have the questions below: 1. Is this the right board to ask this question on? I didn't want to put it anywhere else because, after all, this is the DFI forum and unless DFI has some dual-processor server motherboards coming out I probably should keep this off the boards relating to DFI stuff. 2. My parts. How badly did I pick them? 3. My PSU(s). How the heck does one supply power to these things? Just like a normal computer? 4. Please to be suggesting materials to build the rack and trays out of (I was thinking acrylic trays in a stained mahogany rack, but I'm not too sure on the technical dangers that would pose, if any.) 5. How is the market for renting processing power? Can I put out an ad for people to use my cluster for their highly processor intensive jobs and expect results? Those are all the questions I have for now. Thanks in advance guys
  5. I'm about to move into the IT department at work as a part time Data Security Analyst and part time Help Desk Technician. At the same time, a friend of my sister's offered me a job at a much larger company doing either Help Desk work or Software Testing or Systems Monitoring. I have never been in a corporate IT environment, so whichever path I go with will be my "foot in the door" so to speak, since I have no degrees yet. I've been at my current job for 6 months now. I don't want to look like I'm just chasing the next highest pay, but at the same time this company I'm working for pays below average wages for the position I'm going into. If I go with this other company, it will be closer to where I will be living (15 minute bus ride as opposed to an hour long bus ride). The biggest problem comes in the fact that I start at the new position in my current company next Monday, so if I don't decide by then I will end up leaving a couple weeks into it and I really don't want it to happen that way. Anyhow, any thoughts? I'm completely confused as to which way I should go :S
  6. Uh, that costs more than the PC featured in the magazine article. $2000? Wtf.
  7. My mom was reading a recent issue of some PC magazine and it talked about a computer made specifically for the kitchen. She was all liek "I want it!" and I was all liek "It costs $1,800!". But, her birthday is coming up, and I figure with a mini-atx case with a touch screen mounted on it I could build a reasonable facsimile cheaper. I tried searching for touch screens but I only found POS (point of sale) monitors and CRTs. Any thoughts?
  8. Say I planned on converting the heat energy from my CPU into electricity which would power some lights on the outside of my case. As the CPU got hotter, the lights would get brighter. Realize this theory is coming after reading a centimeter thick manual on circuits and electricity. Would that manage to cool the CPU as well, since the energy is being converted?
  9. See attached since I don't have access to image storage at the moment. It's for a fan I'm putting on my side panel for intake. The grate would be cut directly into the side panel. Of course it isn't anything fancy, but would it be effective? I'd like to have a bit of myself in this box Any other design suggestions? Thanks
  10. Here is a linky, although I would recommend checking local bookstores first. I found mine for way less than the listed price here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/013854471...5Fencoding=UTF8
  11. I think I'm finding it way too enjoyable. I actually get excited as each chapter nears it's end, and I'm motivated to go write 50 billion different programs just to test different combinations of the methods. And here I was thinking I had lost my love for programming :nod:
  12. I have this issue as well, complete system lock up with sound stuttering. However, I am not running SpeedFan, but MBM5. If it means anything, SMART is disabled in BIOS. I'm at work right now, but I just wanted to throw this out there so I have something to experiment with when I get home. Any ideas?
  13. I might consider another case if it is this same style; blue and silver. Any suggestions?
  14. Wouldn't I have improved airflow by unblocking the intake fans? Or am I not understanding something about airflow...?
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