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  1. Nice, anyone know off the top of your head what that MOSFET model number is?
  2. even under RAID 0? well to hell with fixing it then lol, but i reakon ill try anyway, i like fixing things EDIT - Just wanted to add, you hav a VERY similar system to mine yfital
  3. I probibly wont qualify for warranty anyways lol Does anyone know the model number for that specific MOSFET? and how to put that Heatsink back on it
  4. Well, see, i did the oil computer mod, and just took it out of there, and its all oily, do you think DFI would still accept that? And besides, i really never cared much for warranty so i dont mind doing the mod myself
  5. Normally, for any ram besides the really generic crap, which DFI boards wont take anyway, just start off at 2.5-3-3-6 @ 2.7v and work from there, and yes, DFI boards dont like SPD
  6. Where can i get a new MOSFET? Besides directly from DFI, because i dont know how long that could take, and i may just buy a new Lanparty Ultra-D on Saturday instead Ill try to contact them, hopefully they can help
  7. i always had it on the 4v jumper ever since i bought the board, which was about 14 months ago, its only when i put it back into my case that it did this, Is it unfixable?
  8. Hello, I was wondering what the Heatsink in the top right hand corner of my Lanparty NF4-SLi DR board is, coz err... mine emits smoke when i try to turn it on I would REALLY prefer to try and save this board, as i have a RAID 0 Setup on it and really would be pissed if i lose all my data
  9. Ok, this guy is obviously new to pcs An Opteron 170 has a max Multiplyer of 10, a Opteron 165 has a max of 9, an Opteron 175 has a max of 11 etc etc Socket 939 supports DDRI ram only, thats why AMD are moving onto Socket AM2 which supports DDRII Overclocking isnt an easy set an option and you're done, it takes time and testing until you get a right mark
  10. yea, and DFI have that cool Lanparty logo on the SLi connectors
  11. cmon, anyone wanna teach me? how to open up a bios and mod it
  12. I like nVidia's Digital Vibrance option, iv overclocked radeons in the past, but it just seems to me, just by experience, nvidia cards were more of a joy to overclock
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