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  1. The DFI guru's reccomend using their OC guide. Their OC guide says to run the 32M test ... not the 8M test. I was simply stating that your OC based on a 8M test does not neccesarily mean its stable. Thats all I was saying.
  2. SuperPi 8M test is nothing. You want to run the 32M test. And if Prime "wonks" out then you are definatley not stable.
  3. Excuse my noobness, what is the IHS? And congrats on the nice OC.
  4. Try checking the OCDB, and look for similar steppings. Link is in my sig.
  5. Just because another board did it, doesnt mean this board will do it the same way. Like the others, Id suggest finding your CPU ceiling first by following the OC guide posted.
  6. Why are you doing Prime on one core, and Super on another? Why not Prime both?
  7. Just a quick question. My default Multi on my processor is 10. In the bios, I can only go lower than 10x ... is there a way to have it higher than 10? Also, is there any sort of advantage to lowering the Multi and cranking the FSB? BIOS say I can go up to 550 FSB. For example, would 8*325 be better than 10*260 to achieve 2600?
  8. Whats your idea of good temps at 1.6v? I cant imagine it being lower than high 40's and probably 50's ... especially under load.
  9. Followed the OC guide on finding my CPU max. As of right now, the highest I can go on voltage is 1.4v (1.3v is my default) due to heating issues. I am running on stock air cooling, including the stock AMD fan However I was able to get stable SuperPi32M tests all the way up to 2.7ghz before getting an error. My max with 1.4v is between 2.66ghz and 2.69ghz. I plan on getting water cooling, so it's almost pointless to get a solid OC for the 2.65ghz as I will just be doing it all over again once I get a new CPU max. Keeping it at 2.4ghz for now. I can pass 10+ hours of Prime95 with this setup.
  10. Lol, not what I wanted to hear Im gonna try to find my CPU ceiling first I suppose, it doesnt seem too tough.
  11. Are you talking about the ratio? Or is this another setting? And yeah Old, I know Im gonna have to do that ... was just hoping that *maybe* it couldve gone a bit smoother for me lol. Was a big maybe :[
  12. As you can see from my sig, I have some pretty nice OCZ ram, PC4000 gold edition. I tried OC'ing my Opty 170 at 2.6ghz (260*10). I set the ram divider to the manual default of 1/01 (200mhz). I even upped the voltage for my Dram from 2.6v to 2.7v for a little breathing room. However, I cant even pass the SuperPi 32M test. I get the round limit error half way through roughly. Ive read over the PDF OC guide, and understand pretty much the majority of it. However I dont know what the next steps should be in adjusting my RAM ... I can only assume its my memory causing the instability at this point, 2.6ghz should be easy for my processor.
  13. I was under the impression that I wanted my Memory Frequency to be around 250-260mhz?
  14. Only have my Opty 170 OC'ed to 260*10 I ran a SuperPi 32M test, and around loop 9 MBM5 said my Chipset had reached a tempature of 70C ... but it was no where near that, and even the OSD showed it at 41C And yes Im using the correct nF4 config I checked the high/low logs, and it was crazy:
  15. I downloaded the very nifty MemFreq program to help me figure out my memory frequency and all that jazz. Im currently OCing my Opty 170. Its set at 260x10, and my ram frequency is currently at 200mhz(1/01) I wanted to double check that I was entering the information into the program correctly, and that my DRAM Freq is actually at what the program says (260 MHz)
  16. Its not 200x5 ... thats only 1000. Its (200 * 2) * 5 = 2000 for the correct HTFrequency. Unless I am mistaken.
  17. Thx for the info guys. I put a fan next to my case just in case, no pun intended. Prime ran a good 8.5 hours without a problem. Max temps were around 40-42C on the CPU, 48-50C on the PWMIC, and 45-46 on the chipset so I was happy with that.
  18. I want to run Prime95 overnight, but wanted to double check the safety of that. Lets say that 4 hours into Prime, my CPU or Chipset starts getting way too hot .... will Prime stop or shutdown? Also what are the reccomended tempatures to keep under for CPU, PWMIC, and Chipset. Thx much
  19. I recently started dabbling in overclocking my PC. I thought I'd start small, just to get a feel for things. I currently have an AMD Opteron 170 2.0gHz (10x200) I kept bumping up the FSB till I got to 220, for a grand total of 2.2gHz I followed the guide posted here on setting up Prime95 for a dual core CPU (shortcuts, affinity, memory settings, etc) I kept my Smartguardian open so I could monitor tempatures, as I dont have watercooling. About 5 minutes into the stress testing, Smartguardian said my PWMIC temp was getting hot (number was red instead of green). It was at 46-47C while red. Idle it hangs around 43-44C What is that the tempature of? And what is the max I want it to be?
  20. NVIDIA nForce RAID Class Controller Thats what shows up under 'SCSI and RAID controllers' under Device Manager.
  21. NVIDIA nForce RAID Class Controller Thats what shows up under 'SCSI and RAID controllers' under Device Manager.
  22. The *only* thing I haven't tried was using a stock Windows CD to install. Everything I have tried (sliptream or F6) has included the SP2 CD I have. I'll try to get my hands on an original WinXPro CD, see if that makes a difference. If it does, the time it takes to update Windows fully will seem like mere seconds compared to the days (literally) of trying to get it to work. The CD I am using now though, does for a fact work fine on a single drive. It's been used on 4 seperate computers already.
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