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  1. I have been doing a lot of research on this company and read a lot of remarkable things. After just six years it reached Fortune 500 and was number 337. Leading up to the dot-com boom, this company was the flagship of internet technology. During the dot-com boom it developed Java and Solaris and even took on that Hitler of Software, Microsoft. However, after the dot-com boom, this company nearly hit the floor. My question clearly is, what happened? Anybody got information on why this company isn't as big as it was in the past and why it allowed other competitors like Cisco to take the lead?
  2. You know, Joe Frazier's dad, (the boxer), made some pretty nice drinking alcohol out of sugar cane. He also used the same mixture to degrease his truck's engine.
  3. @ Ex-Roadie, Sorry to respond so late, just been playing ALOT OF BF2142!! WOOT! and trying to fit in studying and work. Basically, I got this information from the article I posted in my first post on this thread. Here is a snap shot of what it says in the specific paragraph: Other improvements include using remains of processed cane to power sugar and ethanol plants, and using industrial waste from ethanol production to fertilize sugar fields. As a result, the productivity of Brazil's ethanol producers has steadily increased. In 1975, Brazil squeezed 2,000 liters, or about 520 gallons, of ethanol from a hectare, or nearly 2.5 acres, of sugar cane. Today, it's nearly 6,000 liters. Overall, I believe it was the mis-use of terminology. I meant liters and I was writing gallons. But anyway, if this country can achieve this, than we can as well. Bad thing is elections are over and all the propositions I wanted to pass, didnt do so well. Good thing is that Democrats basically did a clean sweep and I hope to see more bills like this come along.
  4. ExRoadie, I agree with your statements, however the main idea I was trying to get across was to learn from your neighbor. The road has already been paved for getting energy out of the sugar and corn. In the article, they give a larger estimate closer to about 6000 or so. They have developed better methods of extraction and better crops resulting in a more profitable way of gathering the energy. If anything, I would still have farmers create the grass you are talking about and do business with Brazil. The inflation is so high over there, that buying from them would be helping their financial situation as well as making it extremely cheap to purchase energy. So many opportunities are out there and I know for a fact that America is doing exactly what you guys have said. They have been the new comers to the oil game and are trying to get paid as much as the Russians and Saudis have done for Decades. At this time, why not be the leader in a new Technology. Sure it has plenty of risk, but the profitability would be more than tremendous.
  5. EDIT** I posted this in another thread, and I thank Happy for directing me to this post. http://yaleglobal.yale.edu/display.article?id=6817 Upon reading this article, it disheartens me to realize America's slow, next to non-existent, growth towards the benefits of being non reliant on foreign fuel. After hearing an add on T.V. about California's Prop 87, I have been doing research about countries that rely on other forms of Energy other than Gasoline. This ethonol proves to be more than effective, but as far as making it, it's not efficient because of the cost of pulling it from the starch in our main product, corn. I say, to stop this oil nonsence and do exactly what the Govt. officials did over there. They basically told to farmers to grow sugar and they would give them a flat rate price, regardless of the demand for it and it would fuel the economy. It just seems that America is always ready to screw someone else over in any other country, whether it be politically, business wise, or war. But when it comes to looking out for its own people, we fail to recognize actually learning from someone else. America seems very stubborn, and I hope our next president puts the majority of his/her energy into looking to better our country, rather than BullS***ing in another. What do you guys think? Do you think this different energy opportunity is open for US market consumption? I sure as hell do, and the reason I know so is because after people see $1.26 for a gallon of Ethanol and $2.38 for a gallon of Gasoline, everyone will soon switch over time. LATER THOUGHT>>>> After thinking about it some more, I have a few more statements to make>>> THINK ABOUT all the jobs this will create! Not only is this creating energy, but partly, just think about all the other opportunities this will open up. For example, there are going to have to be regulatory committies, Commercial opportunities, Marketing opportunities, Accounting Opportunities, the list goes on. All from switch from Oil to Ethanol. I have also heard from others that a lady in the Midwest developed an Enzyme that allows you to take Recycleable trash, like paper and biodegradable stuff, and put it in a can with an enzyme and it spits out water on one side and ethanol on another. This would also be awesome if we could actually produce our own fuel at the house, at the same time, making some pretty Kick A$$ drinks. That would one nice Fraternity party!
  6. Osama, do you have a set in stone idea of what you want to major in? If not, I strongly suggest going to a community college and transferring for a number of reasons. Personally, I decided right out of high school that I wanted to major in Computer Science at a four year university. After my sophomore year, and many pre-requisites towards Computer Science, I decided that it was boring among being very difficult and non-opinionated. After taking some business classes, I decided to change majors but this had some major drawbacks. For example, nothing in Computer Science transfers over to business except math. So pretty much it cost me a good 2 years of totally nothing. Basically to make a long story short, those two years I wasted pursuing another degree that had no relevance to my new degree is pushing my Grad time back by the same amount of time. So I strongly suggest in my own experience to get your GE done at a Community College, then transfer over and explore your options. A very efficient way to see if that community college will be accepted by your intended colleges is to ask those 4 year universities for their articulation agreements. This shows their acceptable transferable units acquired through other community colleges. This is my schools: http://info.sjsu.edu/home/artic.html Honestly man if you want help, it never hurts to ask, what you are doing now is a great idea. Call the student services at the colleges to get further assistance. DON’T EMAIL THEY NEVER REPLY BACK. Hope this helps and contact me if you have any other questions.
  7. The sane monetary reason I would go with 939, in your case and why still I currently choose to stay with 939 is the fact that it will be extremely cheaper to upgrade to the AM2 when this quad processor fad hits. Honestly, look at the 4800 X2, its 289 at Directron and 280(before taxes at the egg). The ultra D and even the SLI_DR UT is a great buy right now. With 2GB of memory, and a kick butt video card, you still have a really great performing computer. However, if you got the money to burn and feel adventurous, get the AM2. There is a great monetary difference and the results are great, but for how long, because like I said Quadcore is on its way, and I'm sure everyone will be wanting to jump on that ban wagon too.
  8. Dude its hopeless...!!!!! AHH! Thanks for your help Calvin. Hopefully one of these days it will just click or something.
  9. great Calivin I will try this later today when I get home. @sswilson: I definitely tried that first just to see if it would work, and it didnt. Got me darn close though. It definitley is a 50/50 chance using that thing. @EllisD: I definitely right clicked the folder on the Old Laptop, and went to Sharing and Security and in that window there was a section for Network Sharing and Security. Unfortunately, the computers just dont see eachother, but my computer is able to ping to that computer but the Old laptop is unable to ping to my computer, at least the Default Gateway. The Ip is fine.
  10. So i created that Static IP on each computer. Then after I decided to change the regedit back to Zero in the appropriate spot. Still nothing. 2WIRE Model 1701HG Gateway I really dont know what it is. Thanks for helping by the way calvin. Seems like alot of people are looking at this post, but not replying. Ahh..anyother ideas? EDIT>>btw, where am I supposed to see this computer's files? Under "View workgroup computers"? or something?? never asked that.
  11. Calvintang, thanks man for the help so far! Okay so they do not have a static IP address. Excuse my ignorance, but why would I need one of those if I have a 2Wire. I was under the impression that a 2Wire is like a Router gateway. How would I go about setting up a Static IP Address? Don't Static IP addresses require servers and such? Since my laptop has the file I need, I should create the laptop into like a server?
  12. Okay i just made two of the same accounts and passwords on each computer. I also disabled the Windows Firewall and Norton Internet Security for the time being. After restarting I noticed that I still cant see the other computers shared folder, which I have made able to share through properties. I have disabled Simple sharing as well. So i decided to run CMD and ping each computers IP and default gateway. That was ok. Then I decided to ping the other computers IP and default gateway. I discovered that this computer, *in sig*, is able to send and recieve all 4 packets of the IP and Default gateway of the other computer, the old lap top. Then I noticed that the Old laptop can ping this computers IP but it was TIMED OUT in pinging the Default gateway. Not sure what this means but I really need some help guys. Angry? Techno? Ace? need someone, anyone please EDIT>> just went back into the registry on each computer and changed the sharing thing back to the default of 1. AND it still didnt work....Ehh I feel like EeYORE!!!!!!!!! http://www-scf.usc.edu/~alanwong/eeyore.gif
  13. Okay I have came very close, but I need some further guidance. When I click the View Workgroup Computers option it says, "It is not accessable, I may not have permission, I should contact the network Admin. The list of servers for this workgroup is currently unavailable." What do I do now? EDIT>> SORRy i had Norton security going. and it wasnt allowing me. But now when I click on it, I am still unable to see the other computer connected to the same workgroup. EDIT2>>> OK with Norton Disabled, Would I still need to change any of the settings under my Local Area Connection Properties under the Windows firewall Option in COntrol Panel>?
  14. Okay I finally was able to see my Workgroup name and my Shared Documents that I have been tryin to share with the other computer. However, I cant see the other computer on the network. I also did the whole regedit thing and changed the value and also disabled my Norton security. Can someone direct me from here? I also have Simple File sharing enabled which doesnt work either.
  15. Off topic: **With all the networking questions, maybe there should be a Networking Link from the DFI Forums Home page. ** Dilemma: For a good while now, I have been trying to establish some type of file sharing within my Apartment. I have my Computer, (in sig), connected to my 2Wire. I also have a laptop connected to the 2Wire via WAN. I desperately need files from an old laptop, different than the WAN laptop on my computer. Keep in mind, both computer's OS is Win XP PRO. I have used this guide: http://support.2wire.com/cgi-bin/twowire.c...li=&p_topview=1 Which basically tells me to change my folder options in both Computers through Control Panel and Folder Options, disabling the Simple Sharing option. Through my efforts, I have connected the Old Laptop through my Marvel Lan port using a straight cable and a Crossover cable, each of which have not allowed me to view the Shared folders I have created on the Old laptop. I have also tried to connect the OLD laptop to the 2wire and naming both computers, mine and the laptop, under the same workgroup, MSHOME, so that with Simple Sharing enabled, it would allow me to see the Shared Files. (Failed attempt number 2) I really need these files and I have come to grasp that I really dont know what to do at this point. Could someone kindly help me out here? Thanks. EDIT** more to the Equation. On one of the Computers I have installed, Norton Internet Security, not sure if that or SP2 have anything to do with it but it might.
  16. Sweet man, check ur rep +1. Exactly what I was looking for...I guess I like to Do It Yourself...haha. anyway the only thing I want to do is Upgrade the CPU. DragonTattooz is primarily right. If I got this guy I would only want the T2400 Processor and 1GB of DDR2 Mem. http://www.pc.ibm.com/us/notebooks/thinkpa...ries/index.html EDIT** its actually cheaper to just buy the laptop with options included...*SIGH*
  17. yes your right. I was looking to upgrade and its extremely cheaper to buy a meteocre laptop and upgrade it via newegg. I was just wondering if it could be done. I think the best thing to do is to buy the biggest amount of MEM included in the package deal and then go through after purchase CPU. Just to make sure, this is okay right, at least according to your knowledge?
  18. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has recently taken apart their laptop. Is it the same as a PC, meaning I could easily upgrade it just like one would regularly as here talked on the street? Anxious to know....
  19. I was skimming through this post and realized you are looking for some great Surround sound speakers. From my experience, I can definitely tell you Klipsh makes some KICK A$$ speakers, if your looking for projection. I still can remember hearing my room mates 5.1 Klipsh Speakers from down the "BRICK" hallway, about 75m, down the stairs from the 2nd floor, and outside the steel doors. Keep in mind this is a brick building, housing loud students, even though it sounds like more a penitentary. Nevertheless, If your looking to literally hear these things down the street I say go with these hands down. As for me, It just was a little bit TOO much power and settled for the 2.1 Klipsh speakers. I have yet to play music or any sound at that matter at full throttle for leisure because I simply live in an apartment complex that complies with the ANTI-NOISe protocol. I definitely have heard them though for a short time while playing a few songs and WOWEE, KElly CLarkson, they are great. If you have the money to splurge, you might as well go with all the rings and bells but if you want to save some then why dont get some nice performing 2.1s EDIT** final cost of these at Best Buy was 180 with warranty.
  20. Finally got this file....i know the password should be..... ]POEv1.0.0[ but it keeps telling me its incorrect tried: POEv1.0.0 and ]POEv1.0.0[ Help please
  21. Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated>>>>YO YOOOO!!!!! to all the NUPES out there...
  22. Thanks man, easy to follow and understandable. Check ur Rep +1 from me EDIT** wow...this is going to take forever, anyone know if they can upload theirs to a server and make downloads available there? or any other place I can download this and wait in line or something. I believe it may be faster than using the torrent. It's extremely slow.....EHH!
  23. Hey Guys how do I download POE now? I need an instruction step by step please thanks
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