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  1. So I finally found where was the problem.Ram was source of the problem.After some testing with ramtest in bios(exactly with test number 10),there were many errors.So I give them more voltage and now its working.Strange that with the same voltage and more overclocked they were working fine.
  2. And can you recommend me any not expensive psu.Not high class psu,any psu that can do the job.Thx
  3. Hi,I am using psu fortron FSP400-PNF link and it has connector 20+4pin.What do you think should I use? 20 or 24 pin. So far the pc is going fine with 24pin connected.But when overclocking,sometimes the pc lock up.
  4. Now I noticed that maybe vpu recover reset gpu.But no message shows,so maybe it is somewhere else.
  5. I flashed 704-2BTA and overclocked to 250Mhz.And until now was working fine.But few seconds before monitor blinked.And some images on web get blured.I guess if it is doing my graphic card or ram.Btw prime is stable and so memtest.Maybe in a minute my pc will freeze again
  6. Ok,I always tried to keep HTT freq around 1000Mhz 5x200 3x300 4x250.Cpu voltage max 1,55V.Ram 2,8V 2,5,3,3,7.I connected all 4 plugs into motherboard.But it's still the same.But I wonder why is it working with 300 and 200mhz,but not with anything else.I didnt change any other values only cpu freq,voltage,htt freq and ram freq,voltage.I read that increasing pcie freq could help,but not for me.Thats all.
  7. Hi, I'm using this motherboard and I have some problems.With standard frequncy 200Mhz(1800Mhz) and overclocked 300Mhz(2700Mhz) on my Cpu everything is going fine.But if I try to change the frequency to something different(210,220,250,280,290Mhz),so far it's ok until windows start.Maybe few seconds in windows and the monitor goes black, sometimes blurs then the pc completly freeze.Sometimes it locks up when I'm playing games.It differs, sometimes it goes fine for few minutes and sometimes it freeze in windows.But only with the frequency I mentioned before.I dont know where could be the problem.Thx for every advice.
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