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  1. the NS series gets 2.5-3-3-6 @ 200mhz which its rated at. i have mine running on the same timings but @ 230mhz. pretty good for budget Gskill RAM. thats the best i can get on my Asus... couldnt go lower on the timings for 200mhz or it would be unstable. so 2.5-3-3-6 @ 230 is top really, hope this helps.
  2. well, im not pissed, i was kinda joking around. this is my first time ever using DFI and its been a lot of stress. whether it was my fault or not, its just taking a LONG time to figure out the problem. the PSU is not the problem i promise you. i hooked up my buddys OCZ powerstream and its over 500 watts (510 or 520 i dont remember) earlier today and it still didnt do anything different. its either the board or the card im sure of it now. so i guess ill have to wait until tomorrow before i can test the card out. EDIT: oh btw, i took the fan off for 10 seconds to see if my video card was not fitted into the slot properly because of the fan. after it obviously didnt help anything, i quickly put it back on.
  3. ok took the chipset fan off and the GPU went in further, but still no video at all. im exactly where i was 2 weeks ago! damn, im ready to leave DFI forever! well, i dont know, i guess i will get my buddy to bring an old PCI video card and pop it in there and see if we get any video. if it does, it probably means the cards defective. if not, then bye bye board and hello MSI or Abit again...
  4. tested the RAM, and the CPU. the power supplly was bought from a person who used an Ultra D user before with no problems. that leaves my video card and motherboard left... ok, now i think i know what the problem is. i noticed when i took out the card and powered everything up, it got only the 1 diagnostic LED and a 2 second beep, which is exactly the same as when it was IN the board. and also when i put my video card in it hits the chipset fan... so could that be it? could it be that the card cant be seated fully into the slot? because that fan is there, i dont think i can push my eVGA 6800GS fully into the PCI-E slot. can someone tell me how to easily take it off (unless its vital for the chip to be cooled, i doubt it) so i can see if its blocking the way of the video card? any help would be appreciated thanks.
  5. i switched the CPU and the HSF and i put it in my old Asus A8V, it just powered up and everything worked...
  6. well on my motherboard, it recomends 400watt PSU (in the manual)... anyway, i tried a cmos reset and to no avail. i just get a long beep for like 3 seconds and still get a VGA red LED...
  7. well i bought them off other forums. one guy sold me the DFI and the other sold me the video card...
  8. anyone think its the video card? or the board? i need to know, because im gonna be sending back one of them and i need to know which one to send back so i dont have as much downtime from my comp!
  9. just tried that and i still get no video, and the LEDs are the same, all 4 go red, then 3, then 2, then 1 that stays lit red... im thinking it might just be my video card? and yes my RAM sticks are in the orange slots...
  10. just tested my RAM, not the prob. trying to find a way to test the video card...
  11. hm... ill look at the jumpers tomorrow, but ive tried 2 different types of RAM so far... im going to bed. thanks guys, i hope to see some more advice here tomorrow. -Max-
  12. so... what the hell am i gonna do??? Buy another motherboard????!!! or can i send it back to him and have HIM send it to RMA (damn, im gonna be out with no comp for a LONGGG Time)
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