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  1. yeah yeah sure thing its the Vista 64 version from dfi site
  2. thats probably the case... any more ideas how to make ITE work ?
  3. yes i am using nvraid...but im not getting BSOD at all its just that vista sees the array as RAW that needs to be formatted meaning it doesn't recognize the XP system on it. and for the OC issue...i am also clocking from bios it's just that i couldn't get the same OC as XP it just freezes at the logo screen not that a 100mhz is anything to whine about its just weird that i had to downclock...don't u think ?
  4. i tried it now....didnt seem to make a difference should i reinstall the nforce drivers maybe ?
  5. well finally took the time to install this new evil from microsoft and up till now...seems alright couple of things i didn't get to work..and i realize this might have already been discussed...but digging thru the vista threads is a major headache too many ppl kicking and screaming...(damn Microsoft to a thousand hells) This is my input on the story so far... first thing i noticed...is i cant boot into vista while Oc'd had to actually go down to stock freq to install and then gradually go back up...i heard theres some sort of a cool and quiet like feature...that might be causing that ill see if thats the cause on the next boot. which brings me to the other issue...booting in to either OS (i'm dualing sort of speak with XP ) only happens if i choose the particular hard drive with the Mobo boot menu ...they seem to cancel out each other plus vista doesn't recognize the raid array XP is on...its sees the drives as unformated drives for some reason. Besides all this everything appears to be fine...all devices were recognized and all drivers installed successfully...no BSOD as of yet... But my biggest problem is controlling the fans ITE smart guardian latest version from Dfi site runs but is reporting weird values...and cannot change the fans speed....also latest beta from speedfan (supposedly fully tested on 64 bit) doesn't even load (some runtime error). so this is it so far...ill report back..on my new findings hopefully after trying...a 3D game (not really possible now...cause the fans are stuck on Low somebody wave the magic wand :sad:) good luck to all and happy vista'ing
  6. any one know how to set up speed fan.. so that it controls the fans according to CPU usage u need to select a clock generator thingy (don't know which one :confused: ) they also say selecting the wrong one may cause hardware damage! :eek2: any tips and tricks on that one ?
  7. yeah i gots it ....i thought its VC-RE the whole time what kind of mod is needed ?
  8. hmmm ..its not possible to bend the bracket holes since its all one piece of solid copper ..what is needed is making the HS stable because it shifts from, side to side
  9. nop not using any foam but i'm not sure it would help since this Hs dosent fit the board holes 100% but its worth checking... and HR-05 SLI looks like overkill whats your temps on load ?
  10. it seems this chipset fan is making contact with my GPU card resulting in a horrible noise... its possible to squeeze it so it wont make contact but after a while...it will make contact once more... ideas any1 ?:mad:
  11. im thinking stacker 831 since its slightly cheaper Not sure whats the diffrence between the 830 and 831 gonna check CM site later
  12. Can any1 add some personal input on these ?? i know the stacker is considered king of the Hill on the flip side the armor has watercooling... also i m quite sure the stacker will have no prob housing the mighty R600 i dunno maybe i should hit the brakes on this one (but spring temperatures is knocking on my door and my case is rubbish) Input Input i need Input ...:spam: (LOL cool icon)
  13. 10xxx everyone for the wonderful responses i was already leaning towards the 165..and now its almost a done deal JowWho are you saying amd cpu'z are gonna drop even more...(10/30/06) ?
  14. Opty veterans Advice needed ...gonna go for an opty upgrade next week prime candidates in no particular order are : 1.opty 165 2.opty 148 3.opty 146 my main question is...basically for 165 owners ...is how do u feel about dual core (awesome, cant imagine life before it...or just entirely useless) Plus i noticed in the 3ghz club thread...that only 165 CCBBE can do 3G while 148/146 are slightly more flex about stepping....bottom line gonna be which steeping i can get (if i can find that out before hand) but i am curious about the benefits of dual core....thinking about worse case scenario..i get an opty that can't get past 2.7(maybe even less) and since i'm already doing 2.6 (top is 2.8 but need water to sustain that) having a single core opty would be just a waste of money ?:confused: (i can just buy water cooling and go 2.8 with good all vinny)...pliz enlight me 165 ownerz! P.S Free cake for Rapid Responders and the new skin kicks asssssssss
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