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  1. A reasonable price I don't search extreme overclocking...
  2. Not yet bought Waiting suggestions about all the choices.
  3. Hello, I want to setup a new pc but I need your advices and recommendations and your help specially on watercooling system : The Goal for CPU (watercooled) is to reach the 4 Ghz @ 200mhz FSB ROCK STABLE. The Goal for GPU is to have the possibility to include 2 geforces (watercooled) in SLI (2X) in the future. (The choice of graphic card is definitive, I need a CUDA DirectX 11 card ) The Global Goal is to have a Quiet Configuration. List of Component : Processor : Intel i7 920 step D0 MotherBoard : EVGA X58 SLI LE link or ASUS Rampage II Extreme link Memory : G.Skill Trident 3x 2Go 1600 DDR3 Memory Kit Ref : F3-16000CL9T-6GBTD link Graphic Card : EVGA Geforce GTX 480 Hydro Copper link Case : Mountains Mods H2gO link PSU : Antec 850W TruePower Quattro link Hard Drive 1 : INTEL X25-M 80Go (V2 - PostVille) link Hard Drive 2 : Western Digital 500Go S-ATA II 16Mo Caviar Green link WaterCooling : I want to watercool the CPU and GPU(s), apparently it’s not necessary to watercool the chipset of motherboard to reach the 4GHZ. But I never setup a watercooling system and I’m a little worried about this… Reservoir : Swiftech MCR220-QP Res (Dunno if the fans are included) link Pump : Swiftech MCP655 Pump with speed controller link CPU Block : Swiftech Apogee XT Tubbing and Fitting : I don’t know Fluid : Distilled water I hope I forget nothing… Waiting your comments, thanks !
  4. I have finally find the way to reach a fsb at 300MHZ by changing the Memclock
  5. Do you know if there is a software to test if there is a video bottleneck problem ?
  6. Yes, I have finally find the way in putting Max memclock to 133mhz with a FSB of 300 but there's something that I don't understand. I have exactly the same score with 3Dmark05 @ 1 800Mhz and @ 2740Mhz !! FSB = 300 x 9 AGP=68 HTT=3 and If i raise AGP nothing change !
  7. to reach a fsb of 300 you must set Max Memclock in DRAM configuration to 133mhz !
  8. Do u have a NF3 Ultra D ? me I can't have stable system over FSB 250 !!
  9. Hey Neller do you have solve your problem ?
  10. Hello, Someone could tell me if there a way to have the DRAM:FSB ratio feature in the bios of the NF3 ULTRA D ? Actually windows won't start over 260 mhz FSB... Thanks to you!
  11. Hey ryankenn, I just would like to know if the base of your HR-01 cover all your Opteron, I ask you this because acutally I use my old Heatsink a SI 97A and the base doesn't cover all my opteron so the idle temperature is near 43°C . Otherwise I would like to know if u have used your HR-01 with the fan duct on a 12mm Fan. Thanks to you!
  12. The Power Consumption of a Quadro FX 3000 is around 65W. But could you tell me what are the signs when your power supply is not enough for your configuration?
  13. As you can read on my profile I have a Nvidia Quadro FX 3000 and this graphic card require to be directly connected to one of the jack of my Power Supply. Actually After installing the drivers nforce 5.11 windows never restart; after the pc boot the screen became black and nothing happened but difficult to say if it is a problem du to my power supply or a problem with my SCSI card...
  14. I have actually a ANTEC 380W power supply and I have seen in my notice of my DFI NF3 that a power supply with a minimum of 400 Watt is strongly recommended. Considering my following configuration do you think that it could be a problem with my "only" 380 W ANTEC ? Thanks to you!
  15. Je vais peut etre opter pour un HR-01 avec le gros tube vu la configuration de mon boitier un antec p180 avec 2 ventilo de 12cm a proximité du cpu. Mais pour l'instant mon souci est d'arriver a installer WinXP, je sais plus trop quoi faire au regard des problemes que j'ai rencontré : impossible de booter sur mon HD SCSI avec un tekram 390U3W jai donc remis mon ancienne carte scsi, la ca boot mais des que j'installe les drivers nforce 5.11 windows ne se relance plus, jai un ecran noir apres le boot... un vrai cauchemar ! je sais pas si le fait de changer le bios (actuellement 711) apportera une vrai stabilité vu qu'ils sont en beta....
  16. Do you know if the base of the XP90 cover all the surface of an opteron ? Thanks!
  17. Hello, Actually I use a Thermalright SI 97A and I have noticed that the base of the heatsink doesn't cover all my opteron 165 and when I check the temperature of the cpu with Hmonitor I see that CPU 1 is @ 42°C and CPU 2 is @ 32°C. So I asked me if this big difference of temperature between the 2 core was du to the fact that my heatsink base was too small for an opteron. So wich is the best Heatsink do you recommand for an opteron ! (I have already a good fan Noiseblocker 80x80x25 mm) Thanks in advance !!
  18. Hey Vladislav, I have exactly the same problem, I can't boot from my SCSI HD drive. I have a tekram DC 390U3 with LSI chipset. So do you have finally solved the problem? Thanks in advance.
  19. Hello, Well I would like to know where do you have all bought your opteron with good stepping. Thanks in advance.
  20. due to the fact that wiki could be change by anybody i'm always suspicious about his information. Anyway it seems to be really difficult to find some good and serious result and when you check on different web site there are some contradictions.
  21. Someone know another datalist ? Where do you have bought your Opteron here ? Thanks!
  22. Hey dudes, I have found this following result : http://mitglied.lycos.de/xxmartin99
  23. Hello, Someone could tell me what is the best stepping for an Opteron 170 ? On different e-store I have found different stepping : CCBWE 0550UPMW CCBWE 0551UPMW CCBWE 0530 TPMW So if there a difference between this 3 stepping and what is the best (to reach the 3 Ghz) Thanks !
  24. Thank you for your explanation Sorrento. I have find this one : http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-2GB-2x1gb-OCZ-EL-D...1QQcmdZViewItem What do you think about it ? Thanks
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