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  1. So I'm about to order my kit and then I notice a couple of problems with the antec p180 case e.g. psus fitting into the special psu compartment and/or obstructing the 38mm thick fan down there cables from the psu reaching from this seperate compartment to the connectors on the mobo I love the look and sound of the case - and after 20 years in IT I dont mind the odd couple of hours routing cables neatly:) but I dont want anything obstructed or stretched. Anyone got any experience with this case - especially with the dfi lanparty NF4 SLI DR Expert. I was looking at the enermax liberty 620 or noisetaker 600 psus Short of that what are youre feelings on using extension cables for anything that was a little short - i'd need reassurance before I used em I think. I'm starting to feel like my hardware choices are cursed - maybe my girlfriend has hexxed them :confused:
  2. thanks for the replies guys yup the opti will sure go higher but i figure i can get to 2.5 without too much messing around - I wanna be playing first and tweaking later:) Reckon I'll go for the enermax as my bruv raves about em - i dont like the chance that I maight have to send the seasonic back - that would mean no games being played for a while! Think I'll get ordering right away ! Cheers again guys
  3. Ok - ive been reading up for a while and scraping the cash together to make something nice - I think I've got a pretty good idea what i want but if you can see any problems with what I'm getting I'd appreciate the seasoned wisdom and expert advice DFI Lanparty UT NF4 SLI-DR Expert Opteron 146 2x1GB Mushkin Redline Ram Hitachi Deskstar t7k250 antec p180 case Artic Freezer 64 pro 7900gt xfi xtreme music soundcard intend to clock the opt to 2.5ghz which should be fine for my needs at present At some stage ill add a second 7900gt but not yet a while for the PSU I was going for the seasonic s12 600w but I gather there are unresolved issues with this and the mobo - so I'm not sure what to get instead - I liked the look of it cos it was a solid supply and quiet too - any consensus on a good replacement? Cheers in advance for the help - great forum guys
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