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  1. Ok i put the green in green as well, and the same thing, though in the nvidia audio test thing i get the correct sounds. from each speaker. HL2 has a audio test for 5.1 sound and its stuffed in there....
  2. the thing is HL2 can be set in the audio menu to play 5.1. And it doesnt do that. I put the green wire in the grey, the orange in orange and the black in black and i dont get any sond from the front left and right. just the rears , centre and sub. and the rears sound the same. Shouldnt my motherboard decode the signal??? ami doing something wrong here?
  3. I just bought a DFI Lan Party UT nF3 250GB and I see that on the back it says "8ch Audio technology based on Realtek 850 8ch Audio codec 192Khz high definition Audio specification providing dynamic high quality audio, Like dolby 7.1 and THX. *Advancing the game and DVD sound effects. *S/PDIF function included. " That leads me to believe that if i use the Coaxial out on it and hook the computer up to my Z5500D 5.1 speakers i can get 5.1 sound right?? I set the audio properties in HL2 to 5.1 but same sound out of every speaker. Heres a pic of the back of my mobo: Shouldnt i be getting 5.1 from HL2?? Oh, and also ive done the 5.1 speaker test in CSS and im getting same sound from every speaker. Help anyone?? Oh and soemone told me coaxial only gives 2 channels of sound and i should use the analog ports. So i plugged in the green orange and black wires in the ports and same thing.... Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks for the help guys! Anyhoo i went there and left it overnight and they fixed it, it was the ram. I put my 2 sticks of 512 ram on the 1st and 2nd slots. They found out that it does work on the 2nd and 3rd. hmmm. anyway im just happy i have my computer back lol .. Thanks again! :nod:
  5. Hello all, i just wanted to ask some questions.. The following is a post i made on a different site >> Well, were to start... I hope my computer doesnt restart while writing this Ok, so its like a week ago i had nothing to do and my pc was dusty so i was keen on rebuilding the whole thing... So i did, cleaned up everytihng , everything was perfect. What i didnt know was that i plugged in the USB wires (the red power one) one pin away from where it should of been. So I turned it on and my friend wanted to play some NFS:MW with my Logitech momo... as soon as he plugged it in the USB my friend goes why don't the lights on the wheel turn on?? then the mouse laser went crazy (on and off- its a usb mouse) and then the whole thing just stalled. Everything froze. So i said "nothing a good old format wouldnt fix"... soon to see that my K8ns pro died on the windows setup... took it to the computer shop and they tested the psu wich was fine, they said id friend the mobo becuase of that usb wire... (my mate recently made his own little fan with a usb cable and plugged it in, he had a k8ns pro as well- not a good ideea) my mate got a earlier k8ns. As for me i ordered a k8ns like my friends, cant remember wich one, but wasnt pro. So i put that on order and 4 days pass and the mobo not there. Its S754 and they said its not very popular now so it takes some time... In the meantime id bought Godfather the game and was dieing to play it, and the mobo wouldnt arive so i called them up and asked them if i can change the motherboard, something that would arive quicker. So then i ordered a DFI Lan party UT NF3 250GB. Came the next morning. So i get it and i ask them to put it in for me as i didnt want to fry the new one as well. So i payed them 20 bucks to do it... This is the interesting bit... The CPU (AMD Athlon 64 3200+) was stuck on the heatsink from the thermal paste, so the heatsink comes out with the cpu stuck to it. What the guy did next amazed me- he took a screwdriver and stuck it in the back of the cpu so it goes off- took a bit of force- so the cpu flies on the table, falls off the table onto my metal computer case taking a nice little fall... he picks it up and half of the pins on it are bent... So he says it happens, its allright he'll just straightened it out.. So he did, it didnt fit at first but after a few tries and more fixing of the pins, it went into place. Everything is back together now and he turns it on and the screen displays the "lan party" pic on the screen- nothing else happens... So he tests the ram, tests eveytihng, he says come back later so i did. I get back later and i see windows working. i was happy. He said it was stuffed because the usb was plugged in (the wires from the case) and that the little circuit from the case is stuffed. So i was like ok i got enough USB slots on the back... I get home, install XP again, fresh xp, fresh mobo, with all new drivers... and awaiting to install Godfather the game. I started downloading the new drivers for my gfx card, the computer restarts... awkward.. and again and again and again. i have counted how long it takes for the computer to restart. My pc was restarting every 5-6 minutes. I try to install my game, same thing.. But now it stopped restarting and went to stalling so i can see the mouse and everyting on my computer but just non responsive- even the keyboard. I call them next day and they say bring it in... Another 3 days passed with nothing achieved and i cant write about it because its too long of a story. So in the end- Today We realise, my memory is fine, my gfx card is fine, psu is fine, Hdd is fine ( We had memtest on the memory, tested the voltage on the psu, diagnosed the discs, and the cpu as well. he mentioned something about doing Float point operations on the cpu and said it was fine) Anyway its either faulty mobo or as i believe CPU. My questions are: Can a cpu stuff up if it takes a fall? Is it ok if the pins are bent and they straightenen them out? The computer guy says a cpu either works or doesnt. Is that true? And the diagnostic tool said the cpu works fine. Is it possible for a cpu to work and then not work? like have glitches or something? And has anyone else had theyr computer just freeze from a mobo or cpu problem????? Im going back on monday to see what i can do.. Sorry for the long story but please i need help.. What do youse think??? motherboard or CPU?? i will demand replacement of either.. as they did stuff up my cpu. Wasnt like that before. Anyhoo need advice please!!! Thanks in advance people!!
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