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  1. Cheers good to know. Can you point me in the direction of these reports as the ones I've read seem to disagree. It will be good to get a more balanced view. MTIA
  2. can you elaborate a bit on this cheers
  3. hi Try using Toms hardware guide cpu charts for comparisons. They use several benchmarks so you should get a good overall Idea of which is better for your usage. hope that this is of some use.
  4. Hi, One of my 7800's has just gone up in smoke.:sad: I'm torn between just picking up another 7800 and waiting til they don't cut the mustard or getting a couple of 8800gts's. my mobo's pci-e lanes will only run at 8x in sli and I read somewhere that that 8800's need 16x. I've also read that the cards don't use anywhere near that amount of bandwidth so in the real world it makes little or no difference. I looked at some pics and it looked like the cards used 2 sli bridges. So I guess what I'm asking is will they work on my mobo and if so will they be significantly slower without the 2x16 pci-e lanes? also if anyone has any thoughts on how the 8800's will fare with dx10. If they will be next to osolete very quickly or do as well as they do with dx9? any help and advice would be greatly appreciated MTIA
  5. great post I only came across it because my nose was bothering me about am2. normally learning makes my head hurt! not this time. A truly insightful post. will look out for more of your late night rambles. if anyone decides to argue I'll lend you one of my sticks. anyway i've decided to sell my e-penis to buy a quad core dairy farm. can't decide on the size of the shed though:confused:
  6. thanks guys i'll try loosening those timings when i get back to my rig tomorrow i am using memory dividers even with 1/2 once the ram gets to about 175mhz it wont boot into memtest. cheers
  7. my htt multi is at 3x shouldve put that in my original post cheers
  8. hi guys when i push my cpu speed above 2.6ghz i have to run the ram below 200mhz to boot into memtest the higher the cpu speed then the slower i have to run the memory i can get my cpu to 2.9ghz and my memory to 220mhz independantly of each other i tried loosening timings but still no joy any ideas anyone?
  9. fair enough. whats the best way to measure ram speed?
  10. i'm having exactly the same problem my cpu will hit 2.9ghz but only if i underclock the memory. :confused: different cpu board and memory though. the setup i have in my sig is the max i can get stable the memory at stock timings running at 202mhz if i raise the cpu speed any more the memory will only run at lower speeds
  11. thanks overByter no i am not overclocked at all am running on optimized defaults til i get this sorted is this enough info 3stars? thanks
  12. hi guys, i've just built this rig as per my sig. it tests prime stable I can only get sound through headphones :confused: when i run games (fear cod2) i get stuttering sound or no sound at all and every few seconds gameplay pauses gpu and cpu temps seem ok I'm at a complete loss any help would be much appreciated cheers
  13. will do am dissapearing for a couple of weeks tomorrow thanks for the help
  14. I only ran 3 passes am running extra passes now as advised but surely if it is a ram problem that is causing it not to boot then it wouldn't need this ammount of testing to show errors :confused: thanks for continued support guys
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