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  1. I will buy a well known m-board to verify my hardware. This board seem to be unstable. I'll keep you posted. herb
  2. Worked for me. Edit: When Seasonic did not work I did an RMA. Couldn't wait so I got Antec 2.0 550W. Very good. RMA reasult is in sig. Antec is OK as far as I know
  3. I'm happy. First post replied from by AG. Came from MSI Neo2. Have 2 rigs here, UD/Neo2, with good hardware. Waiting to try it. . . Apart from the Seasonic thing this is goood.
  4. So what's wrong with Rgone's guide? It started my box up. EDIT: Why not start first . . .system . . . then get going . . .
  5. You could check Rgone's "startup guide" with safe BIOS settings. Link: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5866 Mvh herb
  6. Regarding Seasonic RMA in Sweden. Got this message from the reseller (www.komplett.se), today. komplett.se is one of the bigger resellers on the net in Scandinavia. Translated from swedish: "We (reseller komplett.se) has been i contact with DFI and Seasonic. Both parties confirm there is a compatibility problem with some of Seasonic PSU's and DFI Lanparty motherboards. Seasonic will not replace any PSU's because they are not faulty. The problem is with DFI's motherboards. This has been confirmed by Seasonic's test team. So this is a compatibility problem and we can unfortunatly not accept an RMA since the PSU is good. We have tested ourselves a faulty (obviously somebody else had same problem) Seasonic PSU and could not find anything wrong with it." So there we are. Angry_Games seems to be right about Seasonic PSU's. They are good. EDIT 060329: Spoke with komplett.se on the phone today and they agreed to replace the Seasonic S12 with a Tagan 580W PSU. Quite allright I think.
  7. System up and running with Antec TP 2.0 550W. Tagan 420W is back where it came from.
  8. After reading the Seasonic "giant thread" I do not get the impression the Seasonic issues are solved. Therefor I don't think it is fair to recommend the Seasonic S12 600w PSU. Be it rev. A2 or not.
  9. I wonder . . . could it be that the Seasonic will work now, after setting up BIOS according to RGone's instructions. I do not fully understand what the problem is/was. The Seasonic is rev. A2 after all.
  10. That is what i will do. Thanks for a quick response by the way!
  11. My revision is stated as A2 after the serial No. and V2.0 on the face of the box. I had more or less the same experience as you describe. It booted the very first time, out of the chassi and once more the next day before I gave up.
  12. Hello, I finally got my system below running with PSU Tagan 420W which I fortunatly had available. Before I bought the hardware I did some research (not enough as it happened) and came to the conclusion that a Seasonic S12 600W PSU would be a good choice. Quit and powerfull. I have still in fresh memory the troubles I had with a too weak PSU when I put together my MSI Neo2 system a year ago. So I bought the Seasonic because of good reviews at Tom's Hardware and recommendations at this forum: "Recommended! - NF4 Ultra/SLI Mobos:PowerSupplies". It did however not work at all. I tried for two days, out of chassi and in chassi. Then I gave it up. Put the DFI mainboard back in the box and put all the other hardware (in sig), except for the Asus 6600GT (PCI Exp x16), including Seasonic S12 600W together on a MSI Neo2-FX. To verify the bits and pieces. System worked like a clock directly all the way to a SuperPi test. Memory allready tested on another box. Then I took a closer look in this forum regarding DFI LP NF4 Ultra-D and Seasonic S12 only to find that I'm not the first with these problems. It seems to be well known that there has been issues with this specific combination. Therefor I think it is not entirely fair to put it under "Recommended! - NF4 Ultra/SLI Mobos:PowerSupplies" without a comment. Anyway. System seems to work allright now! I'm looking forward to explore this mainboard. And a big Thank You to the people behind all the great guides in this forum. Regards herb
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