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  1. ChriZ, did you ever do the SLI mod on your mobo to make it like an SLI-DR board? I'm wondering if that's the key to getting 8x/8x on the PCIE slots. In the meantime I'll install it like SaFrOut mention. Thanks! I'm installing 8 x 500gb drives for a huge media server.
  2. I have the Arc-1220 pcie raid card and need some help installing it. I moved the graphics card to the bottom pcie slot and put the raid card in the top one. When I first installed the card, it seemed to be recognized fine. I read on the forums that in order for it to be recognized as x8 that the pcie jumpers needed to be changed for SLI. Now the card is not recognized. I set the jumpers as shown in the mobo manual. The video card still works fine. Am I missing something? Do I need to perform the SLI mod to the board? Thanks.
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