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  1. Well, it works. I used pins 3 and 4 because I had already done it before you posted wevsspot. (any reason I should change it?) I don't think safety will be an issue. I soldered the connectors to the switch and covered them with electrical tape. Besides, its only a switch and everything will be mounted solidly. Plus its grounded. I was suprised, 3 fans plus the psu fan and its nearly silent. Anyway, thanks for the help guys.
  2. Its a 200W ATX psu. No power switch on the back. Plugging it into a power strip won't work because just having power doesn't turn it on. I want to connect it into a switch. Basically I just need to know which 2 wires to use from the psu to mobo cable. The green and any black will do? Oh, and I will be running 3 80mm 12V fans. Thanks
  3. I bought a cheap power supply to run a couple fans that I'm gonna install in the back of my tv stand. How can I connect the psu to an on/off switch? Detailed instructions would be nice. I'm a decent diy'er if I've got instructions. Thanks BTW it made me choose a brand (Antec) but mines not on the list
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