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  1. I just bought what your going to buy, about a week ago, and it works beautifully, you'll love it, good luck!
  2. I have a Truepower 500W, and yes I put the put the fan wire in Fan 2 slot. *NOTE* That fan will not turn on until it needs to.
  3. I just ordered my Ultra-D about a week ago, and didn't get it either. It kinda looks like you put it on the rear I/O panel?
  4. He could just do a network bridge, if he plugged it into his 2nd port, right?
  5. There we go, that worked. Thank you very much, sorry I'm new to the whole DFI scene ;D Sorry if I sound really stupid asking this, but does that still mean the BIOS worked?
  6. I have just downloaded this BIOS and used WinFlash to run it, it updated ok, but now when I restart the computer, it boots up but I can see nothing.
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