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  1. Thanks for the imput guys. Started some overclocking last night, its sitting at 2.5ghz right now though I had to increase the vcore from 1.328 to 1.40 for stability. I ran prime95 and OCCT on EACH core seperately at the same time i.e prime95 on cpu0 and OCCT on cpu1. Had no problems in prime or OCCT on either cores though I only ran prime95 for 30 mins while OCCT was running on the other core. Temps are excellent. CPU at 20dec idle, about 30 - 32 underload but takes a fair while to get to that. PWM IC about 30 - 35 underload and the chipset temps get upto about 48dec underload. My new Enermax 600w is excellent supplys plenty of stable current to the board. No fluctuations that I could see on the ITE Smart Guardian except to the ATX+ 12v going from 12.22v at idle to 12.16v underload with is excellent. I will try to run prime95 today for a few hours but how long should I run it for ? Some people run it for 24hrs and others 8hrs.
  2. Ive just got an Opteron 170, stepping [CCBWE 0551 UPMW]. Just wondering if this stepping is any good ? Also what STABLE overclock could I expect to get on stock voltages.
  3. Have been reading reviews and overclocking reviews on the Opteron 170 and they seem to be awsome CPU's so I have decided to go with one of these for an upgrade.
  4. So, an Opteron is just a high quality overclocked Athlon 64 ?
  5. Ok, How bout the Opterons ? Alot of people seem to have them in this forum but are they more suited to gaming than the Dual Cores ? :
  6. AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ (Around $566 AUD) Just wondering if these are good CPU's ? I was thinking of looking at the Opterons but they are very expensive, and they seem to be more for servers and multimedia PC's rather than gaming PC's. Are the dual cores good for gaming, I know the answer will probably be yes, but, I have read of people having alot of trouble when running games with two cores. I.E Games running super fast and having to set them to run with one core only. So what would be the point of having a dual core CPU if its to fast in games? And what are the pro's and cons between them?
  7. Just wondering if this PSU will be good for my system ? It comes recomended by this site but just wondering if it will power my system better than my current PSU with. I am looking for a stable replacement. Enermax 600W ATX EG701AX-VE
  8. Thanks for the advice so far guys. Went to that power calculator site and with "Surge current during start up compensation" at 15% and "Capacitor Aging" at 20% it says I need a 636w (650w rounding up) power supply. :confused: So is my system way under powered?
  9. Hey guys, just wondering if I have enough power for my system, see my sig. Also if it isnt. Would someone be able to suggest a SILENT 600w power supply.
  10. Thanks for the info. But for the moment do I have adiquate power for my system ?
  11. Thanks for the advice so far guys. I just want to ask again what I asked in one of my earlier posts to get some advice -
  12. Its funny you should mention the PSU. I did have a 600w X-Finity PSU, the it was sssooo loud, so I RMA'd it got another one and it was just as loud. Did some research and ended up buying this PSU and its dead quite and peaks at 650w, any other PSU's over 550w seem to start getting loud due to the cooling issues. Prehaps someone could suggest a QUITE 600w + PSU. During testing I kept a close eye on the VCORE readings and the 12v readings. The VCORE seemed to go up and down at higher clocks but seems to be stable at lower clocks. EG. I would set the VCORE to say 1.55 v but the reading in monitors would say 1.52 and would go down even furthur during testing. The 12v reading was going down bellow 11.96 and wasnt going back up to 12.00 durring testing at 1.6v ++. Prehaps the CPU isnt getting enough stable current.
  13. Does it run stable at 2850 ? I Can boot into windows at 2784ghz and play games ect, but when I run prime95 and OCCT I get a fail straight away.
  14. Did some tweeks and tests and 2.5ghz seems to be the highest it will overclock to. 250*[email protected] HHT x4.0 Mem 1/01. Passes SuperPI, OCCT but havent had enought time to properly test it will prime95 but the speed seems to be about the maximum stable. I may try to go higher again with different memory timmings but should I make them tighter or looser. Ive gotta say I am a bit dissapointed with this I thought I would be able to get it stable at 2.6 or 2.7+ easy, 300mhz overclock seems a bit weak to me. Does anyone else have the problem with OCCT temp sensor no matter what I set it to OCCT freezes and I have to alt+ctrl+del and close it.
  15. Hey guys, I need some help with overclocking my +3700 SanDiego. Following the overcloking guide in these forums I was able to clock my +3700 to 2.8ghz. But in order for it to pass SuperPI on the 32mb test I had to put the Vcore up to 1.75 volts. Yes I know this is very high volts but I have water cooling and the CPU temps didnt go over 40 under load. I then ran OCCT tourture test and it failed after 1 sec, I didnt even bother running prime. Bare in mind though I overclocked in incriments, I didnt just set it to 254*[email protected] I know each CPU is different but the only reason I bought this CPU is because I thought they were good overclockers and it doesnt seem to be stable after about 2.6ghz. What is a realistic speed I can expect from this CPU. This is the highest config I tried - 254*[email protected] - 2.5 LTD Multi - Ram (1/02) Ive read of people getting their SanDiego's to 3.0ghz at 1.5v :confused:
  16. Thanks for the link. Now form looking at that blury pic i saw a yellow sensor. On my motherboard this sensor is located at the top of the cpu socket. I have put a fan to blow on this area and temps have gone down 10 dec or more which is great. But. Its all good and well to have a fan blowing on the sensor but is it really addressing the heat problem. As I still dont know where the PWM IC chip its self resides I dont know if it is getting cooled its self. So is the temp sensor taking a reading of the general area around the PWM IC chip or is it right next to the PWM IC chip???
  17. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone can tell me the location of the PWM IC chip is on this board. I have tried searching the forums but there is only talk on what temps are but not the location for my board. My mother boards in my sig.
  18. I am running my +3700 @ 2750MHZ - FSB - 250, LTD/FSB - x4.0, Multiplyer x11.0, Memory @ 1:01 divider, 1.55v. I was running it at 2500mhz on stock voltages, ran a few bench marks and it didnt freeze once, but when it tried to OC it to 2750 it would boot up but would restart just before windows loads. Bumped up the Vcore bit by bit until it loaded into windows at 1.55v. Idle temps at 26 dec with water cooling. I dont know wheather ill try to go any furthur though. Ive heared these can go as high as 3.2ghz !!!!!
  19. Na I didnt wind the CPU up to 250MHZ straight up, probably would have sent it to CPU heaven :angel:, I did put it up to this MHZ but only after lowering the multiplyer to x9.0 (2250MHZ) stock speed. Thanks guys for your help, ran memtest as suggested and turns out the ram is running at DDR500. I thought it was only running at DDR400 because of boot screen. Strange as my old board showed DDR500 at the boot screen. It is also strange that there isnt even a real time clock IN the BIOS for the CPU and Ram, I assumed that would be a basic feature of a $300AUD motherboard. Thanks again for the help.
  20. The "actual problem" is the same as my first post. My ram is rated at DDR500(250mhz), but my motherboard wont let me set it higher than DDR 400(200mhz). My issue has nothing to do with the CPU frequency being posted at the BOOT screen, please read my earlier posts I have mentoined nothing requarding that. I have read the guide linked above and following the table I assumed that the CPU FSB would have to be set to 250MHZ, with the ram at 1:1 ratio in order to get to DDR 500(250MHZ). Even with the CPU FSB at 250MHZ the RAM will not go past 200MHZ, this is my issue. Thankyou for taking the time to help, it is much appreciated.
  21. Thanks for your help. I took a look at the guide and looked at the FSB/RAM ratio table, I all ready have my CPU FSB at 250mhz and DRAM set to 1:1 ratio but the ram wont go past 200mhz. Any other ideas?
  22. Thanks for the info. Ive tried adjusting to all the settings related to the ram in the guide, the system works no problems but when I boot it still says DDR 400 and not DDR 500, does any one know why this board doesnt allow anything over 200mhz for ram? Might there be a BIOS upgrade which allows this in the future. BTW I am using DIMM slots 2-4 as 1-3 will not boot into windows, also I know there is nothing wrong with the ram as I had it in another computer just before I upgraded and it ran at DDR 500 no problems. Thanks for the help.
  23. Hey guys, just wondering if any one knows how to get the ram to run at DDR 500, when I try to adjust the MHZ for the ram it wont let me set it higher than 200mhz (DDR 400) 1T timming. I have tried raising the CPU FSB to 250MHZ and lowering the Multiplyer to x9.0 but the ram wont budge past 200mhz. BTW my current ram settings are 3-4-3-8 (2.75v) Any help would be appreciated.
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