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  1. Are you sure all the conecters are plugged properly into the board, on my motherboard it requres 3 points of power to the board the work properly - the 24pin connecter the 8 pin connecter and the floppy connecter that is located above the first video card slot.
  2. When you push the power button on the computer hold it for a second or so rather than just pushing it in and releasing it straight away. I had a problem with my old computer where if I just push the button and released it straight away I would get the problem your having. I am guessing my problem was the circut wasnt being connected long enough to keep the computer turned on, holding the button solved that for me, so you may want to give it a try.
  3. If you dont want to upgrade to the new BIOS, try reflashing with your current BIOS. Also has anyone else wondered whether or not components like mother boards and video cards can get damaged by X-Ray machiences when they are going through postage warehouses security checks ? :confused:
  4. You may have to try switching them just to see if your second card is working properly. Also as a last resort you may want to update your BIOS. I have read of people having problems in SLI with 12/10/2005 BIOS. I have just flashed to 6/4/06 BIOS today, every thing seems to be working fine so far. I wanted to see if it would help with some random lockups I have been having lately with BF2, though alot of people seem to be having this problem requardless of BIOS or system setup.
  5. Do you know if your Video Cards have the same BIOS ? They need to be the same to work in SLI mode.
  6. Hmmm... The only other thing I can sugggest is to make sure the cards are seated properly. Also make sure your SLI card connecter is inserted into the cards fully.
  7. Prehaps you could try flashing to an older BIOS, or reflash the current one.
  8. Its probably going to be an uphill battle as far as pushing this chips stepping any furthur, I tried mine at 2.6ghz, had to put it up to 1.5vcore just to boot into windows, failed prime straight away though.
  9. Have you tried plugging your monitor into both cards, when I have SLI mode active windows and games can only been seen when plugged into my second card, this is normal. However when starting up the computer the BIOS screen ect works from the first card, so I needed to plug my monitor into BOTH cards inorder see see all screens. Activate SLI mode, turn of your computer, plug the monitor into your SECOND card and turn back on the computer. Dont freak when you dont see the post screen. The computer will load up into windows at that time the monitor should come on and you can use the computer like normal.
  10. Not true, the cable need to be plugged into the seccond card when in sli mode or you will see nothing, I should no I have an SLI system.
  11. Have you swaped the monitor cable over to your second card ? after enableling SLI mode you need to plug your monitor into your second card otherwise you will see nothing on the screen. If your monitor allows it, plug it into each card, so you can see the post screen and windows without having to swap the monitor cables between the cards.
  12. Potseeker If you can still boot into windows uninstall your video card drivers, restart and go back into your BIOS if you cant boot in just reinstall your drivers after trying this - In your Genie BIOS section there should be an option that says "dual 6800 mode" or something similar, activate this as well as the "x8x4ncx8" thing. After activating the "dual 6800" mode the "x8x4ncx8" should now be unchangeable. Boot back into windows and reinstall your drivers and it should work. BTW activating "dual 6800 mode" in your BIOS will work for your 7800gtx's, it should really say SLI mode or something it was a bit confusing when I was trying to solve my problem. Hope this helps. BTW kick butt system...
  13. Heres some pics of my system under load and not. Idle Temps Load Temps
  14. You can go higher than 1.55v, thats what your VID special control is for. E.G Lets say your max setting was for 1.55v, if you set the VID special control to say 110% then its - 1.55*110%100=1.705 So your CPU Vcore would be at 1.705v But these kinds of voltages would need water cooling and would shorten your CPU life or may even damage it. So just work out what voltage you want to set it to, my personal limit would probably be about 1.6v.
  15. PWM IC - 77C :eek2: Mine dont go over 35 dec under load, though I do have a fan over it.
  16. I have taken out the PSU and put in my old one. Has anyone else had trouble with buzzing PSU's ??????
  17. I sent Enermax an E-Mail 3 days ago but no relpy so far :mad: So I guess its RMA then.
  18. Enermax 600W ATX EG701AX-VE - Hey guys, I have noticed something strange about my PSU. On and of it is starting to "buzz", sounds like coil noise. Also it doesnt really seem to be load dependant. Is there a chance it could blow and take the rest of my system with it ? Or is this a common thing. :confused: Any Ideas ????
  19. WOW :eek2: How did you get it stable at that ??? :sad: Ok I have a question. When I increase the power to the vcore I scroll down through the list and select say 1.4vcore, others seem adjust that overvoltage control. Is there a right or wrong way to increase vcore ? When I was testing I ran Prime95 on one core while running OCCT's tourture test on the other, then switched, no problems on either core. Though while running 2 copys of SuperPI on each core at the same time, I noticed that the seccond core (cpu1) finished the 32mb test about 1min faster than the other copy running the 32mb test. So I am guessing that the first core (cpu0) is weaker than (cpu0).
  20. Hmmm, that may be worth a "try"... Seems alot of tinkering though. I got my CPU online. I guess its luck of the draw as far as steppings go.
  21. Sorry about the sig, I have restored my old 1. Well tried to overclock to 2.7ghz, had to bump it up to 1.5v just to get it to boot into windows but it fails prime in secconds...damm... :sad: It seems as tough I may have to set it to 1.6vcore to get it stable for another 200mhz though I think ill quit while I am ahead. I guess 2500mhz is ok and I have noticed a great gain is system performance, but it is a bit dissapointing I must admit. I was kinda hoping to get to 2.7 at low vcore. Though prehaps tweaking some memory timings may help, I may try again...in time So I guess my advice to anyone wanting to get an Opty, make sure you get a good stepping and steer well clear of mine.
  22. Thanks for all the imput guys. Went to that link and viewed that table. A same stepping CPU as mine is in there but it is an Opty 165, I have a 170 and there is no results for this chip in the table though it does say to avoid my stepping if I want to reach 2.8ghz. So, I guess 2.7ghz is probably the highest ill be able to achieve. Its strange though in the table, says CCBWE 0550 UPMW's are know to reach 3.0ghz and mines a CCBWE 0551 UPMW and says to avoid. So little time, so much difference.
  23. Anyone ??? Also I have read about alot of people getting these Optys upto crazy clock speeds but are they SuperPI, OCCT and Prime95 stable at speeds like 2700, 2800+ ???
  24. Ah forgot about that thanks, but can anyone answer my previous post ???
  25. Update from my last post - I ran Prime95 and OCCT's tourture test both at the same time on seperate cores for an hour each and then swaped the programs between the cores and ran for another hour. I am guessing if I was going to get any errors I would surley have seen one when running that kind of stress on my system ??? Do you guys think this is probably stable enough to not run any more tests ??? After that I played BF2 single player with 64 bots. It was running great, I have noticed a huge leap in performance esspecially when all the bots are in one area of the map, near no lag, though with the CPU ussage history open while playing I noticed that the CPU usage for both cores hovers around the 50% mark. So does any one know why the game isnt using all of the CPU proccesing power that is avalible to it ??
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