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  1. I installed one not long ago, they are great !
  2. Pin 7 and 22 down from the top ? where do your ground to ?
  3. So there is another place to meassure from ?
  4. Thanks, heres a summery of the things I could test - 12v - Software - 12.22v - Actuall - 12.48v 5v - Software - 5.16 - Actuall 5.25v CPU - Software - 1.39v - Actuall 1.44v 3v - Software - 3.35v - Actuall 3.45v
  5. Thanks Ive done some messurements - 12v - Software - 12.22v - Actuall - 12.48v 5v - Software - 5.16 - Actuall 5.25v CPU - Software - 1.39v - Actuall 1.44v :eek2: It seems the software messurements are way out, has anyone else tried messuring there outputs ? Vdimm Messurement is a bit hard to get to so does anyone know of another point to take this messurement ? - Also does any one know where the 3v cable is on the 24 pin cable, ive only found pics for the 20's so far.
  6. Hi guys, just got a voltmeter and I want to test the Vcore voltages ect but I dont know where the test points are on this board. I have searched the forums but there is no pics for the Expert board, there are only pics for the ultras ect. Ive already tested my 12v rails, says 12.22v in smart guardian but the Voltmeter reads 12.49v. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the readings turn out but I need to know where to read them from.
  7. You guys should check out some of the other vids on this site - :nod: http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=overclock
  8. Ill try to get a pic but basicly I just used a small plastic cable tie (like the ones your PSU power cable would be rapped in) Tied one end through one of the holes on the fan and then tied the other end to the top of the 24 pin power connecter cable to hold it in place.
  9. Mine is firmly attached to the board, but if I push of the side of the fan it does rock in that direction but springs back to its normal position, I think its normal for this to happen. Since installing it ive been getting idle temps 35-40 degrees, down from about 40-45. Which is good i guess. Ive also got a fan over the PWM IC chip, idle temps are 25-30 degrees, goes to about 35-38 under load.
  10. Try plugging one of the white pins in first, just enough so it doest slip out, then plug the other plug in and try to push them both in at the same time. Also try moving the clip round a bit, it may help to line the clips up with the holes better. Good luck....
  11. Acctully this PSU is on the recommended PSU list - http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10854 I have not had any issues with mine....yet...
  12. Is is plugged into the motherboard correctly, I had quite a bit of difficulty actully attatching it to the board properly, it took almost a half hour to do as I was trying very carfully not to brake of the capacitors which I almost did.
  13. I installed mine yesterday. Its idle temp is around 40 degrees at full RPF which still seems a bit high for an idle temp with this fan. Its down by about 5 degrees. BTW is used Artic Silver 5 compound. Whats every ones temps after changing the fan ???
  14. Also put your ram in the ORANGE SLOTS ONLY.
  15. What plug on the video card are you trying to plug it into? s-video or other. Please provide more info.
  16. It also explains in the MANUAL what slots to put your ram in first.
  17. Have you tried clearing CMOS and starting again ? If you dont want to lose your current config in your BIOS just save it and then clear and load optimised defults and see if the helps and boot into windows.
  18. Have you ENABLED the "Dual NV Chip Card Support" option in Genie BIOS ? You need to do this as well as the "8-4-nc-8" option.
  19. Is it a clean install ? Remember you have to install DirectX BEFORE you install any drivers other wise you will get problems. I know I did. Read your manual it will tell you the same thing.
  20. Kettle leads and PSU leads are all standard. Power doesnt run slower or faster through different cables. The amount of power which flows through cables is determined by transformers ect. Try it on the PSU, I dont see why it would'nt work Though if your are concerned about damaging the PSU you should RMA it.
  21. You could buy a plug converter like the kinds that people take on holidays so they can recharge their cameras ect. Providing that the PSU you got sent would work properly as different countrys have different amounts of power coming out of the sockets. Here down under our appliances are raited at 240v and osens said swedens are rated at 220v ect.
  22. ZACHOW3 - First of uninstall your video card drivers and then turn of the computer and install the second card. Go into your BIOS, then into the Geni BIOS section. Go down to the line that says "Dual NV Chip Card Support", and set it to "Enable". Now goto the line that says "Pci Express Configuration" and select the "8-4-NC-8" option. After this the "Dual NV Chip Card Support" line should have changed colour and be unchangeable. The BIOS is now set for SLI. Save those BIOS settings and reboot into windows. Install the Latest driver and during installation it should say you have a capable SLI system, reboot after installation. After that right click of the NVIDIA settings tab in the taskbar, click on NVIDIA display, then click on your monitor. The settings for the card should come up, click on the tab thats says SLI-multi-GPU, the click on the box "Enable SLI-multi-GPU". Click ok and your done. Note : After activating SLI you may need to plug your monitor into the second card to be able to see anything.
  23. I have to dissagree. When I put my computer together, I had no problems what so ever. I litterly plugged and played with ALL the components on the board first time. The only problem I did have was when I installed windows and then installed the motherboard drivers whithout installing DirectX first which gave me a few headaches trying to figure that one out but a quick read of the manual solved that problem pritty fast. I gotta say I feel sorry for all the people that have major problems with their setups in the forum when I had little problems with mine. I read instructions, follow guides and I dont have problems. I have had alot of problems in the past when building computers but they were never hardware related, they were always user related on my part.
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