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  1. Update:


    A proper monitoring of the ATItool is telling me that there are errors. However they are being logged in a text file e.g


    2009-04-25 18:33:18 I Artifacts detected after 01:40.40. 2 pixels don't match.

    2009-04-25 18:33:18 I Artifacts detected after 01:40.40. 2 pixels don't match.

    2009-04-25 18:33:18 I Artifacts detected after 01:40.40. 2 pixels don't match.

    2009-04-25 18:33:18 I Artifacts detected after 01:40.40. 2 pixels don't match.

    2009-04-25 18:33:18 I Artifacts detected after 01:40.40. 2 pixels don't match.

    2009-04-25 18:33:18 I Artifacts detected after 01:40.40. 2 pixels don't match.


    Its not saying error at delta ######### like I have seen before, the counter just resets every time it finds an error and logs it to the text document. So is the card truely artifacting? Should I rma it?

  2. Looking for some opinions on what the following screen shot may be caused by -




    I have ran the Ati artifact tool for well over an hour without issue. I have also ran countless loops of 3d Mark Vantage with out a single crash. This has been a problem I've been having for a while now and it seems to happen mostly when I am booting into Windows, not in games.


    Also every thing is at stock settings. No overclocks at all. Also I can't make it artifact by running a game etc, it is completely random. It has been happening through all the video card driver revisions I have installed. Installing the drivers and cleaning the system with driver cleaner didn't help either. A complete o/s reinstall didn't solve the problem as well. I have all the latest m/b drivers and bios installed.

  3. ok i found this from an American Megatrends bios checkpoin guide, Uninstall POST INT1Ch vector and INT09h vector is what it says the AA code ment. can anyone tell me what the heck this means lol and how to fix. Also the rig goes through the boot sequence fine, it shows the AA code at the windows loading screen.


    Ok have done a little googling and this may be the soluition for you. But before you try what I found have you tried flashing the latest bios? The most recient one for your board is dated 19/12/08 here if so - Reset your bios using the motherboard jumper and remove the battery for a few mins and then replace it. Go into ur bios and load the setup defults, save and restart the computer and then setup your bios as required. :)

  4. Image


    Confirmed by Intel


    We were told that Intel's Nehalem, the CPU that we know as Core i7 has TLB. TLB, three letters that have destroyed the sales of Phenom and Opterons based on 65nm K10 cores, stands for Translation Lookaside Buffer, and Intel officialy states in its Intel Core i7 Processor, Extreme Edition Series and Intel Core i7 Processor - Specification Update PDF, that the CPU has a TLB bug.


    If you open Intel

  5. You are, they will replace the 45nm Core I7's with 32nm in the summer of 2009, if that is what you meant.

    Its best to just keep the computer you have now and change in the summer where you will see some performance increase.

    Q9450 is pretty much as good as all the I7's if you look in reviews, maybe gets 1 less FPS, is it really worth spending so much money to get 1 more FPS in games?

    You would have to spend at least $550 for motherboard and I7, and then you still need DDR3 which is at least $180, I think you have to go with triple channel not sure though.

    Don't waste your money on I7 now, not worth it yet IMO.


    Yea I meant an Core i7 1366 32nm version :). I sold my CD2 rig before the x58 platform was released and before all the reviews from a gamers prospective were out. Dumb on my part but Ive got no choice but to make the move now. Would be double dumb of me to go back to CD2 :smack:. Prices for the Core i7 are coming down quickly. My favorite e-tailer has dropped the Price of the Core i7 Extreme has dropped the price over $300 Au over the last couple of weeks. Ive also seen drops of over $600! Check out this link Price Spy Australia.

  6. The GTX 260 and 280 are 55nm cards, and so is the 9800GTX+.


    When considering the higher level cards, there's almost no difference in them. It's simply a matter of preference and price.


    The GTX 260's and 280's are currently based on the 65nm technology. Only the 9800GTX+ is 55nm at this point. There is a rummored 55nm GTX 270, 290 in the works at the moment.



    What kind of monitor are you going to be running that you'll need all that juice?


    Ill be gamming at 1920x1200 and want to be able to play games like crysis at that resolution with highest possible settings. I was consisdering setting up a tri sli config but all the reviews show no real gain any way. Ill be hanging on to what ever I upgrade to until something next gen rather than a refresh comes from either ATI or Nvidia.

  7. Hi guys. I am trying to decide on setting up an x58 sli or quad rig. Ive always been a bit of a Nvidia fan boy but the "Gainward Radeon 4870 X2 Rampage700 GS GLH Edition" has got me drooling . Can you guys tell me if this is a good card or if id be better waiting around for a 55nm Nvidia GTX card to be released?


    Cheers guys :)

  8. I would suggest NOT getting a Core I7 yet, they are only the 45nm version.

    The 32nm Core I7's are coming out next summer, they will be faster and have more overclock possibilites, I think they will also run cooler.


    Yes the LGA 1156 is in the works. My guess is that this will cater to the low end market and will sell along side the LGA 1366. Well probably see a 32nm 1366 chip as wel. Just wouldn't make sense to replace a brand new socket within a year.. Correct me if I'm wrong :)

  9. Some interesting comments here. Ive only played it till you walk out of the room you first wake up in. Was pretty impressed with the graphics. Will start it again when ive finished stalker cs. Hopefully I like the game unlike some unhappy chaps here...

  10. Id think youd want higher resolution and lower settings.


    Higher resolution the more detail...




    Yea I prefer to game at higher resolutions and sacrifice game detail. Resolutions below 1600x1200 on my monitor look to weird no matter what the detail is, its capable of 1920x1200. I suppose its just personal preference. Its still a wild game no matter what it looks like though lol.

  11. Finished it aswel. Though a little bit short I enjoyed every minute of it. Definitely worth the cash.


    I played the game on the 'mainstream' setting. It runs alot smoother than the original. Played it the whole way through without a single crash. Tried running it on 'gamer' but my 9800's are not quite up to the challenge. Not even going to bother with the 'enthusiast' setting.

  12. Hi guys. This is my first post on Overclockers Club since DIY Street closed.. Sorry if there is a thread about this already.. Mods please delete if so..


    I was wondering if anyone else has been looking into the rummored GeForce GTX 350 card -




    This is the shop mentioned in the article - Pc Shop


    I was going to buy some GTX 280's but it might be worth holding of an seeing if this new card comes to life.

  13. Just shot through an email to Evga's tech support detailing the issues I'm having. Have been browsing Evga's forums. Seems another person is having the same issue as me.


    After some more testing of each card it seems this issue has something to do with sli. The cards work just fine on there own.

  14. For the amount of money you invested in those cards, I'd contact the retailer or eVGA and make sure they know you have a problem RIGHT now. Get it on record just in case it turns out this is truly a driver issue and not a hardware issue. Just a thought.




    Cheers for your input. Not to worried bout something being wrong with the card(s). Same thing happened to me when I had my 8800gtx's and turned out being the display drivers. I am betting there will be a lot more posts like my first in the coming weeks...

  15. Hi guys,


    I am sure there wont be a soultion to my problem for a while until nvidia release a more stable driver but just wanted to make people aware that they might have this problem if they get this card(s).


    I get the BSOD while browsing web pages or while playing games but not as much though strangly enough :rolleyes:. It starts by the screen flickering really fast and then bang ! BSOD.

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