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  1. Go here and find out: Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor
  2. You are so right. I took a $300 processor and with a little time and effort, got a $700 processor out of it. Now if I can just coax the Opty in my sig past 2.7...
  3. Another site's database sez 2.65GHz is about all what CCBWE 0607 (any packing code) can get. I have one and I can't get it past 2.4GHz (on air).
  4. Well, I'm within .325v but this is still interesting. My memory supposedly loves lower voltages so I haven't tried bumping it up from the 2.6v. But it's rated for higher so it certainly won't hurt to try.
  5. Woah! Hang on a second, let me see if I understand this. You're saying that there shouldn't be more than a .325v difference between DRAM voltage and 2 x CPU voltage? So, if my vcore = 1.5 and my vdimm = 2.6, then the difference there is .4v (2*1.5 - 2.6)? If that's true, is the result instability? That would explain MUCH on my attempts to get my CPU past 2.7GHz.
  6. And Flickerdown has a 165 with a known good stepping of CCB1E 0606 VPMW for $350.
  7. Tank Guys has a selection of specific steppings that you can choose. For their 165s, the "good" stepping of CCB1E 6xxx carries a premium of $20 over the $350 price. The other two 165 steppings are not so good (I know, I used to have a CCBWE 0607). An Opty stepping database can be found here: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=96900
  8. My experiences with Monarch have been somewhat spotty. At times, they've shipped the stuff and I've gotten it in a reasonable time. However, my last experience was the worst and it was shared by a friend who ordered a bunch of stuff at the same time as myself. Basically, they didn't have a couple of things in stock, but you were led to believe they did on the website. But they charged both of our credit cards right away. After 2 weeks of getting (we're getting the parts in a couple days!), I cancelled my order and bought from The Egg and got the usual, exceptional service. My friend waited it out and eventually got almost what he wanted, with a couple of substitutions. For me, it's not worth the savings I get from not paying the tax by ordering from Monarch. I know what I'm getting from The Egg and when I'm getting it and for that, they'll be my primary supplier for the forseeable future. I just wish The Egg carried a good selection of water cooling supplies.
  9. What power supply do you have? I don't think a 400 watt? anything is going to cut it with your board.
  10. The Egg has the Thermaltake Armor for $99 AR. I have one of these and it's a great case, albeit too big and heavy (steel!) for any lanparty use. But if you're not going to move it much, it'll be hard to beat at that price. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16811133154
  11. Assuming your CPU will run at 250, you should set the rest of your settings as detailed straight from the OCZ guys in this post: http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showpost....973&postcount=4 You might have to lower the multiplier on your CPU if it can't run at 250. Also, at bootup, the BIOS splash screen will ALWAYS report your memory as DDR400 if it's at a 1/1 divider. CPU-Z is one way for you to verify that the memory is indeed running at the higher speed.
  12. Oh, I see you have an Antec P160. If you want to fit a 2x120 rad in the case, it looks like the only place will be at the top (cutting a hole in the top to allow air through the rad). The PS is mounted in the top too so you'd have to put any optical drives in the lower bays. Your other option for the rad is to go outside the case. Otherwise, the rest of the stuff will fit.
  13. It would probably help us all if you tell us what case you had in mind. Of course the full towers will offer the most room for not only your WC gear, but allows more freedom of movement while working in your case. As for 7/16" tubing on 1/2" barbs, it works great though it can be difficult to put on some barbs like the DD Perfect Seal. I used 7/16" with the DD fittings and the fit was so tight I doubted the need for clamps, but I used them anyway. Dip the ends of the tubing into some hot water to soften it up a bit to help get them onto the barbs.
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