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    RAM question , G.Skill -> OCZ

    yepp its that Camo looking heatspreader but im really considering them. I havent my system @ overclock right now. but i dont now if i will overclock i mostly game BF2 and such. Just need 2gb and i like OCZ soo what do u say? Mushkin isnt the easiest to find in sweden toh :> but what do u say about the ones i named?
  2. cybervicke

    RAM question , G.Skill -> OCZ

    Hey Mates! Long time ago! Im going to replace my 1gb set of G.Skill in Christmas to 2gb set. Im thinking OCZ will this be good for me? : Special Ops XTC Series Kit - 2x1024 MB, PC3200 DDR400, CAS 2.5-3-3-8 - OCZSOE4002GK Are they going to be good on my NF4-D ?
  3. cybervicke

    Should I care ?

    You can use SmartGuardian or Fanspeed to read temps in Windows.
  4. same happened to me.. my windows loads slower to.. not games tough.
  5. Yepp just do a rma on the gfx and get a new card. and then u should be fine with your rig.
  6. 1 . The case should be fine. 2 . If u have the money for the better ( XTX ) then i say go for it. i'll always buy the better one if i have money for it. 3 . Stock cooling is fine unless u dont want lower noise and maybe a little lower temps if u use AS5. 4 . Dont understand what u mean with this.. And welcome to the street.
  7. cybervicke

    x2 4400+ on DFI SLI-DR

    yeah reinstall of the OS. install all the drivers and software needed for the X2 cpu. And then u should be ok with it thats how i did it and it runs almighty!
  8. Yes but i was wondering if anyone have done the mod and have some pics on it. Just intrested in it. Im still considering doing this myself.
  9. cybervicke

    Adding more RAM

    Corsair Value wont work with the OCZ thats for sure. And the OCZ are really great memory so go with them.
  10. cybervicke

    AMD 64X2 4400+ crashing

    My upgrade from singel to dual went just fine. When i changed i : 1 . Installed Drivers , Antivirus , Firewall. 2 . Installed Amd dual core hotfix 3 . Installed Amd dual core hotfix 4 . Installed MS dual core hotfix 5 . Installed Dual core optimizer And everything runs just fine from games to anything
  11. I think its for sure a mobo thing due to the bios problems and stuff.
  12. cybervicke

    opteron or venice or san diego?

    Opteron. and plz make a sig. welcome to the street.
  13. cybervicke

    My Ultra-D's little overhaul , tips?

    Could you supply us with some pics on the mod?
  14. cybervicke

    Defective DFI Expert?

    Try one of DFI's own bios the latest for your mobo.
  15. Soo anyone that have done this and have som pics laying around?