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  1. While im looking at getting everything working, does anyone know of a temp monitoring program that wont crash my system. I cant seem to find one that does not blue screen or restart my pc yet.
  2. I switched because I somehow though mabye i could get further with a "overclocking board". That and the fact that it had more sata ports on it. Hmm thats alright i will just get some more ram then and that should fix everything hopefully.
  3. Yeah I just hate the fact that in my old board i could use 2 512 mb corsair 3700 xms and 2 512 corsair value select and did not have a single problem and ran 2.8 stable 24/7 i get this board because it is supposed to be better and i have nothing but problems. Guess I will have to spend more money and buy new ram.
  4. Yeah i have done that, multiple times. Mabye i will have to do one of those 24 hour resets. Its just that this was the second board and i got a big lan this weekend and i just want it to work! heh pulling cmos battery and clearing cmos now....mabye my gear just aint good enough for this board.
  5. Nice.. although like supercharged said I would be looking into replacing that power supply real quick! Anyway welcome to the wonderfull world of AMD hurrah!
  6. Hi, I am having some wierd issues with this board but am starting to think that it could be the CPU itself. I will randomly blue screen with different errors and sometimes no error at all. My system is constantly reporting that i am recovering from a "serious error" and so on. Oh and the wierdest thing? DRAM AT SLOTS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and my 2gb of ram only wants to run at 160. any help would be nice
  7. Hi, A couple of weeks ago i reported on a problem with my dfi-sli dr expert. I could not power up the system no matter what i did/tried to fix it. I send my board back to the retailer i bought it from he replaced it on the spot and i have not had a problem since i put it in last night! This is one of the best boards i have used so far now that it actually works. I could not be happier and i am glad the it all works! So all of those having similar problems just send it back, most likely its the board itself!
  8. Yeah well I wish i could just pull another 250 dollars out of nowhere to go and buy another PSU. I cant get another one for a fortnight. My board should of just worked out of the box. So i can wait to weeks for a PSU or i can rma the board wait 4 weeks and hope for the best? Im sorry but this is not what i expect when i pay over 350 dollars for a mobo...if i was paying 120-150 for a budget board then i might expect something like this. I will buy another PSU in a fortnights time, that is not the point though i am very unhappy.
  9. Hi, Now someone in this thread pointed me in the direction of thinking mabye they were right about the whole high end power supply being at fault thing because of the single or something of the like? Well turns out they were right. I plugged in a cheap 20 dollar PSU unit and voila i powered up first time everytime. Well my question is this, i cant run my gear of the cheapie cause my system drains too much power. Could i grab a link the the mod where you solder that resistor thingie on? I would prefer to do it on the PSU itself or mabye there is a way to not have to permantely do it. Any help would be great! [EDIT]If there is any other around this problem without needed 3rd party items i would love to hear it because i am desparte. PM me if you need.{EDIT}
  10. Well, following a similar thread about this issue i have learnt thats its something to do with a bad signal and certain highend PSU units. I tested this by using a cheap 20 dollar unit and it works. PLug mine back in and it fails.... i cant get another one for a fortnight....im a little pissed
  11. Hi, i got this board just a couple of days ago. I am also having the cold boot issue and i am pissed off. I installed windows without a hitch but the first time i powered it off the issues started. I can not not start my system i have used 3 diff PSU units. All that happens is when the board recives power i hit the swtich and the DRAM light comes on(the light near the ram). occasionly my fans will spin for 3 seconds and the PSU will power up. But then it all stops again. I am so annoyed its not funny, this board came highly reccommend, it was my upgrade board for oblivion and now i cant do anything at all. I hope this can be rectified. ANTEC PHANTOM 500 Watt
  12. Hi again, It is most definetly the board, i just removed the cpu placed it in another board and BAM! it just works where as this board still gets me no booting goodness. I just want it to work but will probally just rma it... ------------------- Ok here is an update...I have tracked it down to being the board and this is what happens.... Plug PSU in Press EZY on button or short power DRAM light comes on Nothing else happens ----------------------------- Thanks in advance
  13. i have it on the testbench now, i have not ever got it to the case. The board says it is getting power yet i still get nothing. just the dram light turning on...ahh who knows im beginning to think i may have to rma it..
  14. Whenever i try to turn it on all that happens is the DRAM light comes on and thats it.....Any help would be appreciated.....
  15. I did not get one from the list cause i was desparate and needed something straight away....plus i have oblivion here..
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