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  1. You can change the direction in all 4 sides. Memory with heatspreader could be a problem in the orange slots. Look here: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=48475
  2. I have a Freezer64 Pro and I think that you can't get anything better for that money. And the temperatures are good, too: 25°C idle and 38°C after some hours of Prime95 with an Athlon64 3200+ @ 2300mhz. There is just one problem: the usage of the orange slots. I could install my Kingston-Ram but it touches the Freezer and is pushed a bit to the side. It works. But I don't think that it is possible to install memory with a heatspreader:
  3. Thank you cmay! With the CPC set on 2T my system finaly seems to be stable. Now the RAM runs on 200MHz 2-3-3-6 in dualchannel. :-)
  4. Ok... I've tested a lot now, but the system is still not really stable. Can you tell me witch BIOS is better for the Infineon CE-5 ICs? One with xxx-1 or xxx-2? Then I would try different BIOS-Versions.
  5. Everything is put on "Auto". So there should not be much that I could set wrong. Or is it better if everything is configured by hand?
  6. With the usage of the orange slots, the system boots with 200Mhz. But in Prime95 I have a error-message after some minutes: This can not be normal... :-
  7. But why does it then work in singlechannel?
  8. Hi! I bought Kingston ValueRam with Infineon CE-5 Chips. In Singlechannel-Mode the are very stable. But if I put them in the two yellow slots, the PC doesn't boot any more with the ram set on 200Mhz: The Bootlogo appears, all 4 lights on the board are switched off and the Screen don't change in standby-mode. At 180Mhz and less everything is fine. What could the problem be?
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