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  1. hi all, wondering if this is a mobo issue or if it's just windoze. i'm having random issues with the usb ports where there are times when devices aren't detected in windoze. or when it gets detected, device mgr recognizes it as 'unknown device', or it decides that it's a brand new device that needs drivers installed. don't know where to start really, whether it might be power to the usb ports or not? it's a fresh install of winxp sp2, i might reinstall that again if i luck out here. on a side note, is my current bios still the way to go? or should i update it?
  2. i've been reading up the OC guide and made a few changes to the settings LTD/FSB:: was 5x, now 4x Bus Frequency: was 200, now 220 Multiplier: was auto, now 10x if i understand this correctly, my cpu is now running at 2200mhz and the HTT at 1760 is this correct? when i run cpu-z, it comes back with core speed at 2200 which is fine, but the HTT reports back as 220? should this be right or am i doing something wrong here?
  3. ok, i can't believe it's taken me this long to get my new PS. but i've got it now, and i've just set this up last night. ran memtest86+ v1.55 on 1 of the ram pieces (all 8 tests) piece 1:: ran for 8hrs, 33 passes, no errors piece 2:: currently running *edit* so piece 2 came back with no errors also, ran for 11hrs and 45 passes if the mem test comes back with no errors, is it safe to say that putting them together will also yeild no errors? or should i be running a test with both pieces in the system also? *edit* i've chucked both pieces in now in the orange banks and i'm getting all sorts of errors in tests 2, 3, 4 and 5... what does this mean?
  4. i've never heard of them, but i'll do a bit of sourcing around to see if i can find them if they are worth it? too bad places like newegg don't ship overseas. i've seen a few things l like from there. over here, i'm pretty much at the mercy of smaller pc shops.
  5. yeah, i don't have much variety in PSUs here in melbourne, but i'm looking at antec branded ones which rate pretty well in an aussie forum and seem popular enough. that would be sad if it were me, but it's funny that you can't decide if you're one or the other. thanks again all who've chipped in. i'll post once i have good news.
  6. thanks, will give that a shot as well. as for the PSU, i wasn't planning to run a hardcore system like some of you guys here, using it mainly as a workstation, so i didn't think too much about a 430 PSU, having said that i should have done my research about DFI and min of 480 req. as for being underpowered, it wouldn't have damaged the mobo in any way would it? :confused: :confused: i'm looking into the PSU atm and keeping an eye on the antec true power 2.0 550W, mentioning this to see if anyone makes any noise about it. heh
  7. yeaps, plan to do that after work. i should have done that ages ago, would save me a lot of trouble now. thought maybe probs will go away. heh.
  8. ok, that's 1 to think about. like i said, new to DFI and the building recent systems in general. didn't realise the min reqs. thanks
  9. i've been reading the forums and managed to gather some info that will be useful when i get back home. the last time i built a pc was more than 5 years ago so this is all very new to me. my problems started with xp(32bit) installation where i would get errors about not able to find certain install files (press enter to try again) and that would work. there were several instances where i got BSODs halfway through installation and i started over, each time getting errors about not finding certain install files. i've noted them to be different files and at different stages of the "installing setup files" stage. tested this with 3 different copies of slipstreamed xp+SP2 to the same effect. then i tried an old SP1 copy, also get errors on finding files but managed to install fine,then i upgraded to SP2 from there. i am still getting BSODs and random reboots (stopped that with setting in windows). i have since updated my bios to what my sign is now, swapped mem banks (1-3 to 2-4) and currently set to optimal BIOS settings. am able to run winxp SP2 now with lesser BSODs and freezes, but my applications and s/w installations are still flakey. SAV10 for example, installs fine on another pc, but with this pc , sometimes installs fine, sometimes installs with corrupt liveupdate. may run scans properly on occasion and others throws up an error. i have yet to run a memtest and i haven't seen CPU temp higher than 42 deg Celcius (need to confirm that), also added some AS5 just yest. based on what i've read, common culprits seem to be the mem and heat issues. just wondering if there's anything else i should look into.
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