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  1. wat about if i got the balistic ones and set all the timings the same, not just the usual 4 timings and then will it work ?
  2. yes exactly same corsair value ram chips, it will definitly work yes ? but even if i get the crucial baslitc ones i wil set both timings in bios to 3 3 3 8 and run at 400 mhz will this work then ?
  3. ok what about 4x 512mb Corsair Value Ram, 2 in orange and 2 in the yellow will that work
  4. oc'ing it is not really my concern, the value ones i have done 240/480 mhz, havent tried higher but i want to know if it will work, i can not get a 2x1gb kit, so wat do u suggest, will it work, it would really help if u had a definate answer thanks
  5. Hi i got standard no heat sink 2 x 512mb Corsair Value Ram, i want to upgrade by getting 2 x 512mb crucial ballistic ram, this is top high performance ram capable of getting like 600mhz i heard, i also heard they use different types of ram chips on it, wont know if its compatible with the corsair value ones, then i have the problem of yellow and orange ram slots, which one goes in which, please help Crucial: 2 2 2 6 400 mhz http://www.crucial.com/uk/store/partspecs....=BL2KIT6464Z402 Corsair: 2.5 3 3 8 400mhz http://www.dabs.com/productview.aspx?Quicklinx=2X23 Thanks
  6. i have tried that which is the chipset 6.86 drivers but still crap sound
  7. Hi which drivers do i use for this i have plugged it into the motherboard and enable AC 97 in the bios if i use the nvidia chipset drivers 6.86 which comes with nv mixer, i get really crap sound quality which is really quite on full volume and a loud hiss sound if i use the ones from DFI's website which are seemed to be some modified realtek drivers i still get same problem of quite sound and a hiss am i using the correct drivers but the Karajan Audio is broken or am i using the wrong drivers and the Karajan Audio is working ?
  8. i got 2 identical samsung 40gb hard drives IDE i want to do that one when the data is splint onto both hard drives for best performance and not the one when it copies both data on to each disk will this make data read and write faster and how will i set this up please thanks
  9. thanks for the replies but these are the only 2 ram kits that are availible for me, i have to choose between the 2 which one i dont know
  10. Hi is this memory Kingston Hyperx 512MB DDR 400MHz PC3200 Non-ECC CL2 (2-3-2-6-1) DIMM KHX3200A/512 be compatible with NF4 ultra-D and will it overclock well or would this be better: OCZ (OCZ400512R3) 512MB DDR-400 PC-3200 CL 2-3-3-6 PERFORMANCE SERIES REVISION 3 i will need one that will overclock well and get good memory benchmarks like sis sandrasoft thanks
  11. Hi i am giving my 80GB hard drive to my cuzin and buying a new 200GB one i want to copy my windows installation (basicaly everything on C:) to this new 200GB one. i will be doing this in windows and the 200gb one will be reconised as D: and onced i have copied all the files i will make this my C: so as i wont be doing a fresh installation of windows xp on the hard drive i will be just copying windows files, will it boot from this new 200gb drive when i turn on pc with no problems ??? thanks
  12. ok running dual prime on blend-custom to use 970mb of my 1GB and both cores started at same time BOTH are running 3 hours then 2nd cpu core fails after 3 hours, and so far right now first cpu is currently on 4 hours this is wat prime 95 says in log : FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4 Hardware failure detected, consult stress.txt file. Torture Test ran 3 hours, 7 minutes 44 seconds - 1 errors, 0 warnings. Execution halted. i have now resumed the second cpu after an hour it failed (when i came back and saw it)and the timer is starting again cpu 0 cpu 1 4 hours 5 minutes ( but was three hours) Q1 .does this mean it is unstable because it didnt crash or restart pc, just got error message Q2. i know your ment to do it for 8 hours but wat do i do coz one has been on for 4 hours and one failed and has started again and done 5 minutes, so how much longer do i do it for, 4 hours of another whole 8 hours ?
  13. i dont have to do anything like use that link in Happy Games signature for the VC-RE chipset cooler if im in the UK and buying it from a UK shop do i ???
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