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  1. I'm a browser here and not an expert (well to some), and a noob amongst the gurus here...but with my Vista 32, I have had poor drive rates from day one with Vista...as far as I understand the SATA drivers are built-in or something, and that is why you can't select them. I'm sure someone else will have more correct info than I do though.
  2. Great post! Very informative. I'm still having a hard time deciding which ram to get. My rig is in the sig...and I would like 2 1 gig sticks...I do not overclock. Thanks in advance.
  3. Looking for a thread listing best RAM for DFI Lanparty 4 SLI Expert
  4. Replaced PSU with an Antec Truepower 650W Trio, replaced graphics with 8800 GTS, and cleaned then re-pasted CPU with heatsink. Good to go! I'm going to put my old card back in later, to see if it was the PSU or GPU.
  5. Yeah...I think it could be the PSU. I'm going to go pick up one of those top 4 PSUs, another graphics card, and some thermal paste. I'll re-thermal up the processor, test on another graphics card (worse case is the old one was still good, in which case I'll run an SLI setup ), and the PSU will be brand new. If all that doesn't fix it, I'm not sure what else would work.
  6. Hey! I did find my PSU on the list as NOT recommended for dual core setups...that is what I'm running!
  7. I left yesterday to go shopping. I came home 2 hours later to find my pc shut down. I restarted it and it was fine. However, as I played a game it would crash. This problem was consistent and I figured it was a heat issue perhaps. I turned the air down even lower, and it's now 75 instead of 79 in here. The pc ran fine for a bit, but now today it is doing the same thing. I went for a clean install, but the computer won't take the vista install, even on a newly created partition. It restarts, and the screen is black and the monitor shows a yellow light (not blue) like it's not receiving a signal. I've reseated the graphics card, checked that all fans are running, changed DVI cables...now it's sitting at a black screen, running, but not booting. Every 5 minutes or so, it makes a long 2 second beep and the keyboard/mouse flash, but the screen stays black and it doesn't seem that power recycles. AMD Athlon x2 4200+ Vista Home Premium DFI Lanparty Nf4 SLI Expert 2 gigs (2x1gig) OCZ performance ddr400 XCLIO GOODPOWER 500W ATX12V 500W geforce 7900 Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 ST3320620AS LITE-ON 18X DVD±R DVD Burner Now the computer won't even POST
  8. Right...I wasn't sure where else I could ask, and I had heard something about a BIOS setting for dual monitors.
  9. I just installed all my stuff and got up and running. Now, my mouse goes off the screen to the right. I've checked in my Nvidia control panels (got a geforce card) and only one monitor is showing. I heard somewhere there can be BIOS settings for dual monitor support. Any suggestions?
  10. well i disconnected it, and it still showed 2 windows xp options, if i select the first one it now says there is a hardware issue, option 2 takes me to the C drive windows. I reinstalled the other HDD, and set the boot priority to the C drive and it still has the first option as the bad one. I think I'm just going to reformat everything. when i go into windows set up, it just shows the E drive as having a partition with nothing on it, while C has a partition with XP on it....? where is it gettin that second xp boot option from?
  11. also, my fsb will not go below 200...it is 200-475 in the bios??? i remember it being able to go below 200 at one time.
  12. I have 2 HDD, I formatted, and installed windows on the first, C. I then formatted the second, E, and winxp startd installing windows, which i don't want on that drive, so i stopped it mid-install (yeah stupid i know). now everytime i boot, it asks which to go to and is auto-set to go to the partially installed drive (E) but crashes saying that it's missing some windows files (obviously) and reboots. I have to catch it and make it boot from the C drive's XP installation. i re-installed windows on E completely, and then it would boot (always boots to E by default...i want C to be the default) into windows with E, and not get the error. So with the error gone, i formatted E from within windows, and rebooted. It is getting that error now and going to E first which it is showing has a windows install for some reason (it gives me the choice to boot from one or the other and E is the default...it jumps in there without waiting the normal 28 seconds and then tries to boot and gets the error as windows isn't there anymore!) how do i get rid of this error? why is it showing two xp installs when I only have it on the C drive?
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