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  1. toooo late.. I bought a DFI LanPartyUT P35-T2R... don't have to mess around with the revision, now it will be the bios :drool: Greets
  2. Hi there... a bought this mob Asus P5K-E Wifi thing and this one I have is revision 1.01G Is there a newer revision? I found something like 1.02G but I don't know if there is this revision for that mobo that I have... THX! Greets
  3. Ah OK... now I understand... and in that case... sorry I can't help :-)
  4. Somewhere on the web is a manual for doing this with rivatuner... how you can set up GPU/MEM clock for gaming and slowing the clocks down for normal work... but this should be implemented in the drivers.... Greets
  5. One kit of them blow off... the other one ist working for over 1 year now. The replacement one is over 10 month old... but for that price you can give it a try. But you can only run them on T2... Greets
  6. I have them running on my SLI-DR... for me these are working fine Greets
  7. I get this Opteron 170 for 111€ and the x2 4400 costs about 149€ over here. This is why I choose this Opteron... just because of the price.
  8. Same for me... opty 170 is on the way...
  9. I have the same problem.... stick with my old Venice (see sig.) or grab a Opteron 170...
  10. I have this DELL 2005 and the lower left cornes is a bit... outshine, I don't know the exact word in english, but if you open the case oft the LCD you can fix that by adjusting the screws of the housing....
  11. It's not a x1950XTX it's a x1950XT. X1950PRO 512MB or X1950XT 256MB resolution ist still at 1680x1050 which card will give me the best improvement :confused: I didn't find something to compare the x1950XT 256MB vs. x1950PRO 512MB
  12. I don't want to spend more then 250€ the x1900XTX ist around 350€ over here (Germany)
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a new graphic... resolution is 1680x1050 on my DELL 2005FPW. Normally I play BF2, now I want to see some eyecandy but my x800gt can't handle that at this resolution. Which is the way to go? x1950pro 512MB ~220€ x1950pro 256MB ~180€ x1950xt 256MB ~250€ Need some help...
  14. I'm working as a hardware developer so there ist no way for me to get an Audi A8... too expensive...
  15. I drive an Audi A4 Avant TDI Red Numbers... for a test drive before I bought the car
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