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  1. Thanks guys! I feel a lot better now! The only other reading I have questions about now is the CPU volts. the DFI mobo says I'm at 1.35, but MBM5 says 1.33. I have it set to 1.35 in the Bios but I would like to know how much juice I'm actually giving the CPU. I"m guessing that just like with the PSU, I should ignore the MBM5 reading and assume that the DFI reading is correct? Also looks like I'm off to the store for a multimeter Seems like a good investment.
  2. Hi all, MBM5 reports my 12v Rail on my Enermax Liberty 500w at 12.33 The DFI Ultra-D reports it as 12.15 Which should I believe and are either of these readings a problem? Thanks!
  3. Nifty link! I tried to conver the numbers from the A64 program into what we see in the NF4 Ultra-D bios, and couldn't get the second half of the numbers, like the DRAM Drive Strenght, DRAM Response time, etc... Anyone have an NF4 Ultra-D with an opteron 165 that would like to share their timings? Thanks!
  4. Anyone have the timings for an Opty 165 on a NF4 Ultra-D? I ended up with some of the G.Skill Extreme that is set to default at 3-3-3-7, so I'm having to manually set all the RAM settings. Thanks!
  5. Given that the 04/06 bios was pulled, which bios should I use for my rig, with the 165? I purchased my PC parts in the middle of march, so does that mean it was shipped with the newest driver from march or earler? So far I haven't hard any problems with my rig, but I'd like to figure out which bios I'm currently running and try to OC the rig. Thanks!
  6. Serrinon

    Bios for opteron 165?

    hey guys, I've also got an Opteron 165 and it loaded right up on my Ultra-D with out any problems. I ordered the parts 3 weeks ago, how do I figure out which Bios the MOBO was shipped with/is currently running? Also, which AMD drivers should I use? I can't find a link to Opteron 165 specific drivers, should I just use the X2 drivers? Is the 4/06 BIOS the best one for the dual core right now?
  7. My CPU temp in Smart Guardian keeps fluctuating back and forth 1 degree C every couple seconds. Is that natural? I figure it could be, but as it twitches back and forth between 29-30 C every second or two it makes me wonder if there is a flutter in the CPU fan or something.
  8. So I just started up my DFI Ultra D for the first time. And I had the Nvidia Geforce 7900 in the PCIE4 slot, and the bios is positing the following: 2-1-16-1 Does that mean that the PCIE4 is running at 16X, or 2X? Thanks!
  9. Serrinon

    Which Pci-e 16x slot?

    So I just started up my DFI Ultra D for the first time. And I had the Nvidia Geforce 7900 in the PCIE4 slot, and the bios is positing the following: 2-1-16-1 Does that mean that the PCIE4 is running at 16X, or 2X? Thanks!
  10. Serrinon

    Which Pci-e 16x slot?

    what does the n stand for in the 8-2-n-8? Also will I be able to boot into the Bios if I have it in PCIE4 and its set at 2x?
  11. This is all good news, since the 7900GT sits right on top of the Dfi fan if I put it in slot 1. But I would like to go ahead and switch PCIE4 to x16. However, since its not an SLi mobo I'm confused by this quote: Seems like there must be a different way for me to change the speeds since I don't have an SLi jumper.
  12. Serrinon

    evga 7900 bios problems

    Thank you for the advice. I'm actually a newbie, and have never run memtest before. Do you happen to have a link that explains how I go about doing that? Thanks!
  13. Serrinon

    evga 7900 bios problems

    Bummer, I ordered my EVGA 7900 GT (not over clocked) from Newegg on the 21st. The rest of my rig has not arrived yet (still making its way from california), but the card is sitting at home and I'll post the product number etc... tonight when I'm home if that info would help.
  14. Serrinon

    evga 7900 bios problems

    Hi all, I understand that the first batch of evga 7900's has a bios problem that the engineers are working to fix: http://www.evga.com/community/messageboard...?TOPIC_ID=13522 I ordered this card a week ago Tuesday and it should be arriving soon. I figure I may be one of those unlucky few that got the busted 7900, Does anyone know more about this issue? Will I need to RMA my card, or will they have a patch or download?
  15. Good deal. I've been reading up on the coolers, and the dual core opty's (165/170/175) use this cooler: http://www.madshrimps.be/?action=getarticle&articID=399 http://www.gamepc.com/labs/view_content.as...cookie%5Ftest=1 Looks to be a nice competitor to the XP-90