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  1. crackling noise? i used to have this x-fi in my shuttle and everytime i played Battlefield 2 there when the sound is loaded onto the card i would get crackling noise but not with my new system though one thing i know for sure is that the shuttle was way underpowered maybe the crackling noise is a PSU issue?
  2. what problems would i be having? i have x-fi fatality (although i think i might have one of the later ones as mine comes with a heatsink on the x-fi chip) and it seems to work fine *knock on wood*
  3. Hey guys I just flash my mobo to 704-2BTA i saw alot of people recommend this bios and well before the board was using the latest bios from DFI the 14/11/2005 Bios and well i was having warm boot problems so i decided to take the risk and go with the 704-2BTA bios and i gotta say WOW my Sisoft Bench is now much faster, the boot up time reduced significantly and i no longer have warm boot problems. everything seems to be working like it should now. anyways I was just wondering why the date at teh bottom (on post) says taht the bios date is 07/06/2005 rather than 07/04/2005 i realise its only 2 day difference but still maybe this bios should be called 706-2BTA rather than 704-2BTA i also checked in CPU-Z it reports the same thing anyway thats my question.
  4. the thing is if I RMA it and when they test it it works then i am not gonna get my money back! and they won't send me a new one. or refund me the money. i have the latest bios from the DFI site i don't know what number that is but it says it supports FX60. so if it suports FX60 it should support Athlon X2 4200+ the thing is i don't think its the motherboard i think its a BIOS issue DFI needs to fix it I have found bioses later than the one i have written by i think HellFire and it had Warm Boot cure, the thing is those bios are alpha so i am not gonna risk it I am gonna wait for that bios to be stable then use it. edit:: i just saw dude ur using that bios i am talking about how is it? I might flash it if it fixes the warm boot issue.
  5. ok the problem is back now! yay! its definitely not any other part i am pretty sure its my motherboard, and i can't even RMA it cuz its not exactly 'broken' its more of a 'Buggy board' I read the forums and found other people having same problems as me. this blows.
  6. ok Cleared CMOS, followed the steps in ur sig now all is good, (for now anyways) i still have the problem that when i change something in the BIOS and save and exit i have to turn it off wait 30 secs then on again but it boots everytime now. i'll see though i have a feeling that this is a problem with the BIOS DFI needs to fix the bios. i think what ever the outcome is now i'll have to settle with it since the board isn't exactly 'broken' so RMA isn't an option if i send it back they test it and it works i'll just waste my time and money. hopefully its gonna be fine now. but now that u said that this board is a 'diva' i am not gonna worry anymore i'll just use it
  7. how is it not stable I can play games all day long when it boots that is. its just a booting issue. the issue is back btw. its gay man. really gay i will try and clear cmos and report back.
  8. the thing is i don't just wanna fix the problem once, its not an 'always' no boot sometimes it boots sometimes ti doesn't/ and sometimes it gets stuck at 2 debug light sometimes 1 debug light. thats the thing its really annoying don't really know what the problem is when it works fine it works fine. update:: ok since i figured that 2 LEDs means it can't detect teh video card i just changed the VGA Init Display to PCI rather than PCIExpress and now i no longer have problems restarting the computer. although again this problem is random it might crop up again. I now have all 4 connectors connected to the Mobo hopefully the problem is gone now if i have futher problems i will surely be posting here.
  9. ok here is an update I just found the Floppy connector and the molex connector they are all plugged in now problem still persist. when i do a change in the bios and save and exit it won't boot properly the only thing i can do is turn it off wait a while and turn it back on then it boots. I am gonna try restarting the PC now see if the restarting problem is gone or not. also i was looking at teh Diagnostics led sometimes its stuck at 2 LED sometimes its stuck at 1 LED. i read tha 2 LED means VGA can't be detected now how the hell can this be? i am using the system rite now i tested the video card with lost coast etc.. its all good no artifacts nothing, game runs smooth.
  10. Hey guys, I've had my DFI NF4 Ultra D board for almost a month now and I've been having this problem with it. Sometimes when I restart my computer it won't restart properly it would go to the POST show CPU and RAM info detect HDD and then when it goes to to the boot screen it won't do anything and stop at blinking cursor. and nothing I have to press Reset several times for it to boot properly into window. Sometimes when I turn off and on the computer again it does the same thing its just not booting properly. Whats the deal here I am using a good powersupply too Tagan 530 Watts. Modular PSU. sometimes when I restart it won't even post just a blank screen and the CPU fan goes really loud. again I have to press reset several times for it to post sometimes it posts but doesnt go to the Boot screen it just stops at blinking cursor. its really annoying the . out of me. now there is one port on the motherboard the Molex connector which i haven't used since I didn't plug anything into. Am i supposed to plug something into there? plug a connection from the PSU into ther? anyway after serveral resets it would booot into windows fine and after that it will run perfectly fine. any ideas? updaint graphics driver can be such a pain cuz every time i restart or turn on my computer i have this problem. sometimes it will boot properly sometimes it wont boot.
  11. Yes i did i was using the latest Nforce Drivers 6.70 i think and now its doing that thing on and off and on and off < exactly like in those 2 threads i linked to.
  12. Hey guys, I've been having this board for about 2 weeks now, anyways the network port is dead, I was just surfing the net normally and bam! I searched the thread and found that others have had the exact same problem. I've only had my board for 2 frkin weeks! WTF is this?! http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...ad+Network+Port http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...ad+Network+Port I am having the same problem as those guys. I am using the Marvell port now. is there a fix for this?
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