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  1. Does anybody know the general card dimensions for an 8800GT gfx card (mainly length), I was thinking of putting a Gainward Bliss or XFX in a new build and wanna make sure the card fits comfortably (Thermaltake SopranoDX) looked at Gainwards/XFX/nVidia site and found nothing.
  2. Same but reinstalled, (163.75) as recommended by nVidia, after uninstalling old ones.
  3. Tried one of my sons 7800GT's everything worked/working fine, except for... wait for it... every 30 seconds or so the pc freezes most obvious in the fact that whilst using the mouse it locks up for about 5 secs, I don't think it's anything to do with the gfx card, any thoughts?
  4. 1) Noticed some letters are corrupt during post (but not all) 2) Lines appear during DFI splash screen and windows loading screen (blue loading bar) but not during or thereafter the windows welcome screen. 3) Bad to worse now, have deleted old vga drivers and installed new downloaded ones from leadtek site, upon final installation of drivers screen goes blank with flashing white cursor at top left. Left it for a while then rebooted, reboots with all previous probs, but now in dev manager the vga driver has a yellow flaggie and the props say that the device isn't using any resources 'cos there's a problem and on another tab that there are no drivers loaded but the driver version is there as Son has two gainward 7800GT's could use one of his to see if that works but still won't tell me whats wrong with mine though!
  5. Can't understand why it doesn't happen in windows though (the lines that is.) I was wondering if the drivers have been corrupted maybe..
  6. A while ago 2 things happened; 1) my display developed alternate blue lines (only on start up though, not in windows) and 2) whenever I scroll down in my browser or even XP's windows they completely refresh rather than smooth scroll (which takes forever). I can't think of anything that I did round that time that this first started that might cause this. Does anybody have any ideas or had this happen to them before? Screen looks something similar to below. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
  7. I would like to keep my mobo, therefore I think I'm right in saying I have to stay with AMD, yeah? Which I would rather for this upgrade anyway. Once this is done I would be contemplating an Intel set up after that, but first things first eh! Regards.
  8. Hi folks, Just a quickie, for one reason or another I would like to put a new processor in (maybe change gfx card and mem too). What is the best/quickest at the mo, not that I'll be doing that, I would just like to where my ceiling is. Thanks for any and all advice.
  9. Hi folks, I currently have 2*512 sticks of PC3200, can I put in 2*1Gb sticks of PC3200 ASWELL without any probs? Thanks in anticipation..........
  10. Building a new rig with/for son.......... I gather from the DFI site that the nF4 expert can only handle DDR memory (as opposed to DDR2). It also states upto PC3200 (DDR400) but I've seen a couple of specs with higher, so my question is this; What is the best (fastest) memory I can get? All suggestions appreciated.....
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