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  1. Oem card. Small yellow tag was open on one side where the cpu could be pulled out. Tag not torn but there was a brown tube type piece of paper under the tag that was split and the cpu was not centered on the foam. Looks suspicious. I got a rma for an exchange. How do you perceive this? Can I expect T'gr to send a replacement?
  2. None bent, reinserted just fine, dropped right in.
  3. Thanks for the tips. Yes, the cpu pulled up with the fan block. I used a knife to scrap the edges and a small poke in the corner popped it off. the center silver was still soft. I am now under h2o on the unit in my sig. No OC'ing yet but want to read what I should do first. The temp at idle is 24c with a high of 33c with both cores rendering at 100%. I think that it is odd that one core has voltage of x.32 and the other is x.17. That may have something to do with an unbalance with 5volts, right?
  4. The cpu is glued to the fan base and removed from the board. How do I pry it off safely?
  5. http://web.mac.com/nam65/iWeb/CPU%20water%...0AMD%20CPU.html Rad and res. will be external. I can see were priming is going to be a mess. I best be prepared.
  6. I'm going to install my DD block on an amd 939 and use a Picker 120v medical pump/rad/fan cooling package-external (in my sig), along with a 5 gal. bottled h20 jug, filled with maybe 2 gallons of water. Intake and out will be through the top of a wood plug with 1/2" copper tubing ends being submerged into this vat of distilled h2o and WW. The pump will draw from the bottom of the jug with the return ending near the top. Green UV die on hand from testing my cars h2o and a couple of UV light sticks waiting to plug in. Testing for leaks tomorrow. Hope it isn't too noisy. Can someone suggest a bactericide?
  7. "Are you using the stock heatsink and thermal paste? " Yes, stock hs and paste. I can easily go with h20 since I have the industrial pump pic in my sig. all I need is the manifold.
  8. Lanparty D mobo, 2 gigs of ram, using 1.9 gigs now, cpu is 100% while doing 3d rendering for 3 hours, core is @ 51-53c deg with 2- 4" fans blowing into big case. Fan temp shown with "SpeedFan 4.31" are 44 & 40c. No OC'ing. I can add some h2O and attempt to OC but I have no experience with that. Is there a best buy in a 939 at this time? Is there a more practical upgrade path with a new mobo and cpu? My system is barely 6 month old. What makes the most sense? gary
  9. Mac gives you software like imovie and more that is easy to use. I like the structure better of the macs I have but I do have my dfi for 3D.
  10. i gather that the port connector is on the mobo but I nned a cabling device to plug into it. Correct? I would like to have it for my ppc 6700 but I suppose I will forget it and just sync through usb.
  11. Sprint 6700 usb cable was the problem. Thanks for your help. gary
  12. so right. I pulled usb devices and there must be feedback from the cell phone charger. Will now try to boot.
  13. Even with the psu unplugged, 4 red led's stay on from the right bank. One yellow is on when psu plugged in and psu switch is on but it does not power up, psu does not start when external or intrnal switches are used. What failed? What can I test. PSU is a $200 unit on the good list, Power & Cooling 510 I think.
  14. amd x2 3800 is only using one chip in a newer program while the old 3d program uses both. Can i adjust the usage at all?
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