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  1. i have a KABYE 0535 XPMW 3700 san diego if your interested
  2. man, if i wouldnt have just purchased an opty 165 from newegg i would have gotten this one. i got a poor overclocking stepping too CCBWE 0551 maybe if i can sell my current on off ill PM you. BUMP for a great chip at a pretty reasonable price
  3. yeah i tried it with an extra stick of ram that i know is good and the long cmos clear and still nothing. tested the psu, the voltages were a little low on all rails, but not so much to where they were at dangerous levels. one thing i noticed was the little orange LED by ram doesnt turn on but the LED at the lower left hand corner does. or sometimes the lower left LED will blink and the ram LED still doesnt turn on. also i was pushing 3.5v through my ram (the max ocz warrants their vx line) and i had an 80mm fan blowing on them to keep em cool. maybe it was the other way around? the ram died and it took my mobo? that would be ironic
  4. didnt know where to post this, so i thought it would be a safe bet here in the off topic section. well last week my SLI-DR died on me :sad: the system refused to even turn on. tried every trick in the book, tested psu. nothing. no lights, no power. just silence. fortunately a friend gave me another SLI-DR and have since recieved it but discovered that my ram died with my other motherboard. :mad: i would like to RMA my dead SLI-DR so i can return the other one to my friend but i have a question. do i need to send EVERYTHING that came with my motherboard, or can i just send the motherboard back and get just a motherboard in return? and whats the RMA process like in general?
  5. i own this card and its definitely worth the sellers asking price if your looking to SLI that other lonesome 7800GT. i would buy this card if i had the $$, but unfortunately i wont have it until i get my backpay. so im going to give this thread a BUMP T.T.T
  6. A/28th CSH here! 91W thanks, yeah i think i have more oc room but i want to get a watercooling kit. ill have to find those voltage posts around here too. i also plan on doing the overclocking database but i have to run the benchis and take the screenshots. for some reason i can never seam to get them right when i booted into windows at 3ghz i had my ram on a 3.4 divider (DDR400) my ram doesnt oc well i can only get up to 215mhz before i have to put it on a divider or loosen the timings a LOT. like i said, i think i need more voltage for it to be stable at 3ghz
  7. i can get into windows at 3ghz, but it doesnt pass superPI i think its going to need a lot of voltage since i had it at 1.625v and it failed. prolly around 1.675-1.7v but thats a bit uncomfortable for me, maybe ill do it when i get a watercooling setup. but my main concern is how much of the processors life will i be taking if im pumping 1.7v through it?
  8. i finally hit 2.8ghz with my A64 3700 san diego and its 11 hour prime95 stable HERES the cpu-z certification and HERES a screenie i took shortly after stopping prime95. . my idle temps are 33c-34c and my load temps are 40c-42c. for cooling im using a thermailright xp90aclu with a 92mm panaflow fan. my processor stepping is KABYE 0535XPMW
  9. whats everyones stepping on their SD 3700? mine is KABYE 0535XPMW and i can get 2.8ghz out of it at 1.56v. i can boot into windows at 3ghz with 1.61v, but it BSOD's when i run SuperPI 32m after about a minute or so. im sure if i went with water i could get further but with load temps of 40c on air i really cant complain
  10. i have the latest CPU-Z v 1.33.1 and the memory tab is where i get that 200mhz oh well, its still fast so i dont care
  11. ok. well im still confused as to why my ram is showing at DDR 400 in CPU-Z when it should be DDR 422
  12. ok this is kinda buggin me. my HTT is at 255 and i have a memory divider of 5/06 right, so that means before overclocking my memory is running at 166mhz (DDR 333) and after overclocking it should read at 211mhz (DDR 422). well my bios is showing it at 200mhz (DDR 400) and cpu-z is saying the same thing. what exactly does this mean? im confused lol
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