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  1. Thanks for the responses everyone. sQuid - that link you have posted is really helpful! Until I do enough research on the matter, I have decided to back off on my VCore and keep it below 1.6V. It is easy to get carried away with overclocking just looking at numbers and not realizing what hardware effects may take place behind the scenes especially over long term use. agenthex, I'm really sorry to read about your dead cpu and mobo. Can I ask what happened or will it just bring back bad memories?
  2. Thanks a lot rapty . I think what you mean is that with water or phase cooling there is somehow a lesser chance of the transistors becoming stressed after a while because they will cool the cpu more consistently over time. I was under the impression that as long as I can maintain temperatures close to 50 or < 55 C when running at full load for 24 hours or more, it shouldn't matter what kind of cooling I'm using. With regards to the Cryo-Z, the only advantage I see as of now is the price. It is supposed to be priced around $300 which seems extremely reasonable to me to invest in. We will have to wait and see what the numbers look like side by side. Anyone else on air care to comment about my dangerous venture?
  3. Thanks but how about if I run stability tests (OCCT, SP2004, Prime, Super PI, etc) for 24 hours+ and the temperatures still stay closer to 50 C at these high VCores on air? PS: I should be getting the Cryo-Z (we'll see what the reviews have to say when it is finally released) in less than four months so hopefully my CPU will stay alive to experience sub zero temperatures hehe
  4. Please see signature for specs: In trying to find just the maximum I can get from my Athlon 64 X2 4400+ Toledo CPU. I am currently at: CPU VID: 1.475 Special Control: 113% so the VCore = 1.667 BIOS shows the actual VCore to be 1.64V FSB: 257 CPU Multi: 11 Idle Temp: 31 C Load Temp: 51 C {After 10 mins of Prime 95 (2 instances) Large Test} I'm not running 24 hour tests yet because I just want to see how far this can go before I do that. CPU-Z shows Vcore to be around 1.63V but I have read that whatever the BIOS shows is the true VCore (+.02V or so if measured by a MM). I have seen people with water cooling and vapor phase-change cooling rigs set their VCores beyond 1.7 V. Keeping in mind that I'm on air with an excellent cooler, the Zalman CNPS-9500LED, how much further do any of you experienced OC'ers think is ok to go further with the VCore as long as the temperatures stay low? Thanks.
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